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Title: Heatwallet 1.0.12 and server 0.9.16
Post by: verymuchso on March 02, 2017, 09:08:43 PM
Heatledger 0.9.16 & Heatwallet 1.0.12

Mandatory update, this release will blacklist nodes that are on a version below heatldeger 0.9.15.

Unconfirmed transactions in 0.9.15 and before (up to 0.9.14) where not removed properly when a block
was generated. This release will properly remove these transactions.

A bug some places referred to as the 50% bug was caused by this.
Please update your nodes, especially if you are mining blocks. It will take some time for all 50% bug transactions
to timeout before those are not seen anymore.

We have seen that sometimes (probably due to network state) your blockchain download halts, we've
found that if this is the case simply stopping and restarting will downloading the full chain.
We'll be fixing this issue for the next release.