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March 24, 2019, 06:27:25 PM
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General HEAT Discussion / Beatiful african pussy ???
« on: March 20, 2019, 03:06:49 PM »
"I do." I nodded and reached out, gently brushing a strand of red hair from her face. "I'm Kim, by the way."I laughed without thinking about it. It sounded like a ridiculous but intriguing challenge to me, but what came out of my mouth was, "That sounds a little gross." Cassidy paused and looked into my eyes uncertainly. "Unfair to the girls, I mean," I added.The boy now told her: "When you wake up in the morning, your nipples will still hurt like hell; but, since the wasps you killed are an endangered species, you'll feel guilty about killing them; and you'll feel even more guilty if your nipples get any relief. In other words, you'll feel better about yourself if your nipples hurt; and the more your nipples hurt, the better you'll feel. That's why you'll refuse to do anything to relieve the pain.""Go ahead, please fuck me," she begged, wriggling her ass.
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We had known them as a couple for over five years. Kent and I go back more than ten, from our service in the Army together. Flirting had always been a regular part of our relationship with Kent and Janet. Early on it had been just playful words and occasional touching. After a year or so, kissing upon greeting and parting became normal. Once, after a bit of drinking, we even played strip poker. I enjoyed this as much as the others, though nothing more than getting naked happened. Then about two years ago, they inadvertently discovered we had a little secret:Mistress Elly was not kissing her. Was not licking her. With one hand, she happily shoved that big, ridged runerod...Yes, Ia was pretty sure she had, in fact! She sort of remembered now..."Next week, Kelly," he replied, smiling at her youth as she and John left his office and entered the elevator.

General HEAT Discussion / Nice really black bodies ???
« on: March 20, 2019, 12:06:12 PM »
I pushed through the slightly open door to the bathroom, only to discover Janet drying her hair. She had obviously just stepped out of the shower, as beads of water still dappled her delectably nude body. She looked up, surprised."Oh!" She smiled and to my delight blushed. "You really think so?"Buford and Sons had been waiting for Tiffany when she had gotten back to the barn with her bucket of slops. Junior and Junior obviously weren't going anywhere, so Tiffany had disrobed and knelt at the feet of the Unholy Trinity. She had assumed her usual position, on her knees and facing away from them with her ass high in the air, and had placed her hands on her rear cheeks, awaiting the command "Open sesame!" Upon hearing the boys recite the magic words, Tiffany had parted her cheeks to reveal her hidden rear entrance."Oh, yes," John told her. "I'm supposed to get in touch with him."
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No one cared enough to save her.The next morning, I headed off to work, kissed my beautiful wife and I could still smell the musky smell of the amazing sex we had the night before. I knew Lynn would be waking an hour or so later and make her way to the gym where she’d undoubtedly run into Melissa. The question I had was would she share with her what we had done the night before. Throughout the day, I had a very hard time focusing on my work as I was still recalling the escapade that had occurred last night. Around lunch, I decided that if I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate on my job, that someone could possibly get hurt so I opted to take some time off and headed home with the thought of going for round two from the previous night. I arrived home looking and noticed that her car wasn’t home, I entered the house and wondered where my wife was. It was a little past noon and she was usually home from the gym by 9:30 or so. As it neared 1:00, I heard Lynn’s car approach the house and she entered the house shocked to see me home. Lynn came in and asked why I was home early and said had she known she probably would have been home earlier. I explained that my mind was till racing from the night before and I opted to come home and surprise her. As it turned out, it was Lynn who had the surprise for me.She hesitated and looked over at Doug again. I felt my hopes rise, but with a sigh she said, "No. For or all I know you could be filming me."Anja looked up and smiled, then at my cock waving in front of her face. Without a word, she leaned forward and swallowed me to the balls. Her arm swept around my buttocks as she noisily sucked on my cock. Anne led Kent over by the arm. As soon as he was within reach, Anja's other arm went about his waist, roughly jerking him next to me. Anja alternated between our two cocks like a hungry animal. She was rougher than either Anne or Janet, but still it felt terrific. Guessing she was turned on by a little forcefulness, I grabbed a handful of her hair in my fist, pulling slightly. This triggered the most frenzied fellatio I've ever experienced. It startled me greatly, but I came in her mouth almost immediately. Anja slowed, then stopped, and serenely drank my come. The flow down her throat seemed to have a calming effect. She looked up at me, milking one last drop onto her distended tongue. The whole time she never released her grip on Kent. Obviously he was to be devoured next.

General HEAT Discussion / Amazing really black ass .
« on: March 20, 2019, 11:54:41 AM »
"You do everything fast?" I asked as I walked up the stairs towards her."You're crazy!" John said, his cock harder than ever."Well, they all want to fuck," Kelly said. "That's for sure. But then they're different there too."She hesitated and looked over at Doug again. I felt my hopes rise, but with a sigh she said, "No. For or all I know you could be filming me."
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Cassidy's sex drive was insatiable. I wanted to ask her to take a turn helping me get off, but couldn't quite muster the courage. I was so turned on from watching Cassidy's huge breasts shake while tightly encased by her button down shirt that I was on the verge of asking her to give me a hand job that Friday morning. But she was out the door before I got the chance.I winked at her then closing my eyes released a soft sigh of my own as I took my time enjoying Doug's long thick cock. I began bobbing my head in a slow steady rhythm and as I did could feel Jenna's eyes on me. A moment later more than her eyes were on me and I moaned around Doug's hard flesh as Jenna's fingers found my right nipple. I heard Doug moan louder and opened my eyes to see that Jenna was massaging his balls as she played with my nipple. Sliding Doug's cock for my mouth, I said, "I guess you have watched a few videos!"Chris pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth and laid her on the bed positioning himself above my wife’s groin area. From where Melissa and I sat, we had a clear view of my wife’s pussy and what Chris was about to do. He began kissing the upper areas of Lynn’s thighs tempting and teasing her as his face crept closer and closer to her wanting pussy. It wasn’t long before my wife was begging Chris to eat her! Being a gentleman, Chris obliged and began to lick my wife’s pussy. He seemed to know how to make her climb to an orgasm because in nothing flat, she was edging to one. I guess he saw Melissa and I were intently watching what he was doing and he stopped for a moment and then inserted a finger into Lynn and began to finger fuck her. After several strokes, he began to lick her pussy giving special attention to her clit, this time he did it in such a way that Melissa and I could see what he was doing. Melissa told me how what he was doing to Lynn drove her wild and often made her cum faster than she would want. No sooner then she said that my wife began to tense up and grabbed Chris’ head pulling him to her groin letting me know she was about ready to cum. Lynn began to scream as the waves of sexual ecstasy took her over. My wife bucked wildly as she lost control of her body to the sexual pleasure that she was enjoying. As my wife shuddered from her orgasm, Chris released his face from Lynn’s crotch and positioned himself ready to plunge his cock into my wife. This was the moment of truth… someone other than me was about to fuck my wife. Chris looked at Melissa and I as if to ask for permission, Melissa blew him a kiss and I simply gave him a thumbs up. As Lynn’s waves of passion began to lessen, he slid his entire shaft into my wife’s pussy! Lynn opened her eyes and let out a moan of absolute pleasure. He bottomed out in my wife and Lynn reached up and pulled him close to her in an embrace."What would you like to do with it?" he asked.

General HEAT Discussion / Amazing really black bodies .
« on: March 15, 2019, 07:11:37 PM »
"Is that why you wanted me then?" she asked."You better be," I replied with a laugh."But Ia!" Elly made a face of mock shock. "That doesn't sound like something a brave knight would say!"----------
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Anne suddenly stopped washing and stared into my eyes."" Doug sighed. "Damn.""Jenna, s-stop that," I hissed at her. "I—ow!"Out of the corner of his eye, Brist saw the feather the redhead had dropped drift up into the air, as if under a power of its own. For a moment, he wondered if the tickling was about to resume, and felt intense relief. Then he realized that his kittens weren't doing this.

General HEAT Discussion / Beatiful negro ass !!!
« on: March 15, 2019, 06:13:30 PM »
"As you may recall," said Buford, "I took an old champagne cork then and plugged the stem into the hose and gave the cap a few good whacks with a mallet to seat the cork firmly in place. You didn't need anything crawling up your ass in the meantime." Tiffany blushed as she recalled how, despite her best efforts to suppress the unladylike sounds, Buford had made her grunt and snort each time he had whacked the cork. He had stopped only when the thick mushroom cap was nestled snugly between her rear cheeks. He had paused then to admire his handiwork, for the mushroom cap and Tiffany's rear cheeks had dovetailed so nicely that they hid the ungainly hose from view."And he said yes?"Tiffany looked down and smiled. "I wonder what she would have thought if I had told her that my boyfriend, or maybe I should say 'my boyfriends', was a pair of old boots." She laughed and shook her head. "No, I didn't tell her that you were using my pussy to clean your boots because the lips are so soft and silky and protect your boots from damage even when you have to apply enough pressure to remove the grit and any stuck-on gunk from the soles."They got to the building and parked their bicycles right in front, ringing the bell to Tom Henderson's office for admit-tance. When the buzzer went off, they opened the door and entered, then getting into an elevator for the ride up to the 16th floor. When the elevator door opened, Tom Henderson was standing there, a drink in his hand and a smile on his face.
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“And what,” Elly said slowly, “does that make you?”"You'd like this, wouldn't you, Ia?" Elly cooed in Ia's ear, tickling her lobe. Ia shook uncontrollably. "You'd like this big, fat cock in you, huh?""Well, do you want to do this?" John asked. "He agreed to the $1,000.00 too.""Well," I paused, and thinking that was smooth on my part, here goes nothing, "Because that's my husband."

General HEAT Discussion / Beatiful african bodies .
« on: March 15, 2019, 06:09:54 PM »
She forced herself to stop, knowing that if she didn't she'd lay there the whole day and play with herself. It was Saturday and she had the whole weekend to look forward to.Okino stared, squinting. Yes. It was a light. His heart sang with relief. Adrenaline filled him, blotting out caution. A light! At last, a window! He hurried towards it, and as he went, he noticed the air growing warmer as well. It was daytime outside! Perhaps he hadn't lost too much time after all! He could get out, he could rejoin the others, and he could still salvage the mission!"Why, you're clean aren't you?" she asked."Come on, Kim, Jenna's not that type. Don't get me wrong. She's a pretty girl and I'm sure the boys notice that, but I never see her dressing slutty or hanging around with guys. She's a good kid. I doubt she'll do anything, and besides, how does she know what time we're coming home?"
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Taking his hard peter in his hand, he rubbed the head of it between Kelly's thick pussy lips, feeling it get instantly coated in her slick juices. Raising it up a bit, he pressed it against the opening to her pussy and very slowly pressed forward, watching intently as inch after inch disappeared inside of her. Then he started rocking his hips back and forth, sliding the entire length of his cock in and out of his sister's pussy while she remained bent over in the garage.Cassidy smiled back at me, clearly not comprehending. Then, after a couple of moments, her smile faltered just a little. "I owe you?" she asked with a sort of puzzled look on her face."Trust me; you don't have to say please!"By the time John followed her into the garage Kelly had dismounted her bicycle and was stretched out over it from behind, her legs spread and her skirt flipped up onto her back, her ass and pussy clearly visible to John. Nervously glancing around, including back out the open garage door, John pulled his hard dick from his pants and moved up behind his sister's exposed pussy. She was so wet that John was able to slide into her with a single thrust, burying himself inside of her hot vagina. Kelly was so wet that John could hear himself squishing inside of her pussy with each thrust and he pumped and pumped, trying to finish as quickly as possible, very conscious of the open garage door behind him and the door to the kitchen in front of him.

General HEAT Discussion / Amazing latinas bodies .
« on: March 14, 2019, 03:15:40 PM »
"Oh, I could fuck all night," Kelly said, grinding her pussy onto the bicycle seat. "Especially for you and for $1,000.00" "Yeah, we really do have $1,000.00, don't we," John marveled."That feels sooo good!" Jenna whimpered."Can I get another wake-me-up?" she asked with a coy smile.Kent and I looked down at her, wondering which of us she was talking to. She looked up at us.
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He looked over at his wife getting fucked hard. "Does it?""Only if you wanted me to," he said. "And I'd take a cut.""I'm on a scavenger hunt, I'll explain when I get there," she told me hurriedly, "Please don't go anywhere, I'll be right there." With that, she hung up.Surprised, Buford took the package. "Well, I certainly wasn't expecting this either."

General HEAT Discussion / Crazy ebony fat !!!
« on: March 14, 2019, 02:41:56 PM »
"Well, that's what he thinks too," Jason laughed. "But I doubt it."The source of the light he had become so unreasonably hopeful for was, in fact, several strange golden balls hanging from the high black ceiling, each varying in size from the size of his head to the size of a small mastiff. Looking closely at them, Okino could almost swear he saw creatures writhing inside those orbs. Writhing humanoid shapes, contorting in passionate embrace.I slid one wet hand down off her shoulder, over her chest, and rubbed softly at one of her pink nipples with my thumb. The warm water cascading over her smooth breasts, flowing into a river between her perky cleavage, was so arousing to see. My cock swelled between Cassidy's fingers, and she grasped my pole with both of her hands. Her soft, closed fingers began gently squeezing me while turning in opposite directions, an amazing sensation of stimulation and arousal that is difficult for me to describe."They look pretty much the same to me. You've seen a lot of them, what do you think?"
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Two of the fairies had latched onto her breasts with their arms and legs and actually straddled her nipples, using them as bizarre sex toys. Their pussies sucked her nipples in hungrily, and she gasped, staring into their wide, lusty eyes as they attained orgasm after orgasm. The sensation was slick, unbearable, and heavenly. Ia had never thought of her nipples as sex organs before, but Elly's magic made them feel like they were."Nibble on my pussy for me, Mr. Henderson," Kelly implored, wriggling her ass. "I'm so excited about this and I can?t tell you how much I like what we are doing.""Oh, you know," Kelly said, laying back down, her hands behind her head.Upstairs, the boy was intently watching his computer screen. Tiffany always left her laptop open and he could see her bedroom through the camera in the laptop. He really liked this gorgeous girl who had just moved into the basement, and he had already gotten lucky and seen her nude a few times. It looked as if he were going to get lucky again tonight.

General HEAT Discussion / Beatiful african pussy ???
« on: March 14, 2019, 02:33:29 PM »
"Oh, later!" Jenna giggled, then caused me to gush in Doug's face when she added, "And tomorrow morning will be even better! God I love to fuck in the morning!"At last, Mistress Elly pulled back, grinning at her. “So, Trys was a redhead, right, sweetie? Super-pretty crimson hair?" She tossed her blonde hair back with a coy wink. “Which is a shame, 'cause you've always loved blondes.”"No thanks, I'm good," Cassidy responded. She began to turn back to her two new friends."Tell me what you want. Tell me what to do," Cassidy instructed, almost begging. "Tell me what you like."
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"I know," Kelly replied. "And we will be. After they go to sleep we can do anything though.""Yeah," I had to admit, "it really did."His cock throbbed at the praise. "I..." Okino tried to swallow, but his throat had gone dry. "I," he croaked."We wouldn't be using you!" part of me said to just let her go, walk away, and maybe try with another girl. But she was so perfect! "Just being playful!"

General HEAT Discussion / Nice black pussy !!!
« on: March 13, 2019, 09:21:46 PM »
"Mm-hm!" he whimpered. They laughed.She looked up at Buford. He always drove a hard bargain with city folk, who he felt looked down on him; and looking back on it now, perhaps she had looked down on him too when she had first met him. She certainly didn't look down on him now. After a year of helping out on his chicken farm in return for chicken "feed", as he liked to put it, the city girl felt practically in awe of him.And then Ia felt the runerod pressing against her pussy lips. All it would take, she realized, wet and shaking like a leaf in a rainstorm, was one little shove. Just a little thrust. Anything. She stared deep into Elly's eyes, totally lost in desire. Elly was beaming at her. That was good. It was good that Mistress was happy with.Cassidy, on the other hand, seemed to have no problems asking for my assistance. The first time was a weeknight, where I was predictably hanging out on the couch watching tv.
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"So Becca," I began softly, winking. "Are you into girls or just giving me a little tease?""Ohh," she cooed, the sound causing a flutter between my legs. "That's a hot thought, because if you don't mind me saying, Doug is fine!"Tiffany had come to a decision. She spoke earnestly to the knowing old codger: "Mr. Buford, as you know, I'm no longer so strapped for cash as I was when we first met. I can afford to buy food now, now that I have my own apartment and don't have to pay the rent on a big house for my three friends who skipped out on me and left me holding the bag like last year; but would it be alright with you if we extended our agreement, and you continued to feed me, in exchange for my continuing to help out with some cleaning?"Boots weren't made for stepping softly, thought Tiffany; and the idea that Buford could tread gently on anything with his boots on struck her as absurd: He wasn't clumsy, exactly; but she would never call him graceful either. Moreover, the thought that her doctor would undoubtedly tell her not to let Buford use his boots on her labia irritated her, since to her mind he was not guilty of doing that; instead, she thought he was doing just the opposite: She thought Buford was using her labia on his boots. "It's my pussy lips' responsibility to protect the soles of your boots from getting chafed, not the other way around!" she exclaimed.

General HEAT Discussion / Beatiful really black fat !!!
« on: March 13, 2019, 08:47:55 PM »
"Do you always have sex in front of John?" he asked, letting his hand drop down so that it was cupping her ass.Doug started thrusting not just faster, but harder and she moaned and her eyes rolled back as her tight pussy stretched around his cock. I leaned over and as I started sucking on her nipple reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit as he fucked her. I watched while I tongued her swollen flesh as Doug's long thick cock pumped in and out of her. It was glistening from her wetness and I saw she was starting to move her hips in time with his thrusts.Okino wondered if Ytheri had ordered her to cook something up for them. That would explain it. Nobody could resist anything Ytheri wanted.Olipo Nab Aug
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"Okay," she said."Ah, it seems you've found breakfast, I see." I glanced over at him just as he ducked out of the doorway. With a shrug, I went down on Jan again. Not only was licking her pussy getting her very wet, but listening to her whimpers of pleasure returned me to a rock hard state. Deciding that we were both ready to feel my cock inside her now, I stood again. This time I slid into her effortlessly. I asked Jan how long she had watched them. She told she'd heard someone come down the stairs and peeked out the curtain just as Kent walked up to Anne. She had stepped out and left the shower running to mask her approach to the door, and peeked in on them. I told her I watched them, because I got curious when they got quiet.Janet blushed slightly. "God, yes! Was that hot, or what?"She turned around briefly, pressed a few buttons until the porn started playing again, and then turned back to me with a smile. Her bright blue eyes were looking up at mine, her big smile full of sparkling white teeth on her face, and her small fingers wrapped around the base of my cock.

General HEAT Discussion / Crazy really black ass .
« on: March 13, 2019, 08:39:44 PM »
"Mrs. Wilson?""You mad?" she asked."I want that!" Jenna moaned. "Oh, please fuck me like that! Please Doug? I'll be....oh!""Are you ready to fuck me, now?" Anja was speaking to Kent.
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"I am so excited thinking about tonight that I can't stand it," Kelly said, massaging his rapidly growing erection. "You've got to fuck me right now before we leave for school."Elly cupped her chin in her hand and forced Ia to look her in the eye. The catgirl's ears were perky. She was excited. Her eyes were half-lidded with pleasure, and Ia wondered if she was actually orgasming right now."They're only gone a few more days and it's the first time they've left her alone for more than a night. They're going away for two weeks next month too, and Jenna really doesn't wasn't to go and the grandparent's that watched her moved to Florida last year. They agreed to give her the chance to stay home as long as we would watch out for her and she doesn't get in any trouble. Maybe we should hold off."The runerod buzzed and pounded in and out of her, heedless of these thoughts, incessant, merciless. Ia had been painfully close to orgasm already; now it felt like Elly was only barely holding her at the brink. It was like going years with only water droplets and suddenly having a waterfall dropped onto your head. Ia was drowning.

General HEAT Discussion / Wet latinas bodies !!!
« on: March 11, 2019, 08:24:24 AM »
The following weekend, just a few days after spraying my jizz all over Cassidy's face, I was asleep in bed around 4 am on Saturday. I started to wake just as I realized that Cassidy was in the bed with me.Cassidy paused. "Why now? Why ask now?""What the hell are you doing in here?" I asked.Not far away, the girls were getting acquainted. Anne was asking Anja to pronounce her name again. Anne kept saying "Anna".
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"Would you pay $1,000.00 to fuck me, John?" she asked softly, swimming up to him."Dad's friends," John said without hesitating. "They're all rich, they've all got big egos, they almost never do anything with their families, and they?re always out playing with each other, trying to outdo each other. They'd love to pay $1,000.00 to fuck you, especially because you're dad's daughter. That would only make it more exciting for them.""How about you John?"“Bad girl,” Elly said, shaking her head.

General HEAT Discussion / Beatiful black BBW ???
« on: March 11, 2019, 07:49:26 AM »
The boy paced back and forth in his room. Tiffany was asleep, and better yet, still naked. He had to take the chance. He sneaked downstairs and into Tiffany's apartment.Despite the cold air, Kent and I thoroughly enjoyed our blowjobs. Every so often, one or the other woman would look up to make eye contact with the man she was blowing, and then do the same with her husband being blown. The women sucked, slurped, licked and teased our cocks for what seemed an hour. It was probably more like ten or fifteen minutes, but nobody was looking at a watch. Though Jan's technique was excellent, Anne is truly an expert. Kent was the first to start making little noises in his throat. Anne redoubled her efforts, while Jan continued her leisurely pace. Soon, Kent was visibly distressed, valiantly trying to delay his pending orgasm. He tried to slow her down, but Anne merely batted his hands away and clutched him tighter. Anne's antics and Jan's determined rhythm were having the desired effect on me as well. Kent was waving his arms wildly now, as if trying to maintain his balance.The stiff hose had burrowed deeper and deeper, eliciting delighted cries of "Wow!" and "Yeah!" and "Awesome!" from the boys, and cries of "Oh!" and "Ah!" from Tiffany as well. Finally, after watching their father stow almost the entire length of unwieldy hose away, the boys had agreed that stowing it away was definitely "a good idea!"I reached across my erection with my free left hand, and met Cassidy's soft fingers. Quickly, she guided my palm down to the top of her right breast. Her tit flesh was warm, and smooth. I squeezed just a little, and felt unbelievably firm fullness in her tit. I moaned softly, the tingles now building in my loins as I palmed Cassidy's little nipple.
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"That's right." I nodded as I lay back on the bed.The 10-Year Reunion – An Erotic StoryThe 10-Year Reunion – An Erotic Story"You talk just like dad," Kelly laughed, leaning forward and shifting so that she was sitting Indian fashion directly in front of John, not realizing how this exposed her pussy to his view.My wife has a very tight pussy. She gets concerned about guys with huge dicks hurting her. I examined Kurt's prick a little more thoughtfully.

General HEAT Discussion / Amazing ebony ass !!!
« on: March 11, 2019, 07:41:49 AM »
Kent had an excited look on his face. He turned towards Jan and me on the couch. "Honey?" He said to his wife."Oh, yes please," she whispered, and took his cock deep into her mouth."Come on, silly," Kelly said as she broke the surface and turned to look at him. "The water's great. Don't be a fuddy-duddy and I want to see your cock.""Then it's totally natural," She tried again. "Are you forgetting that you already wrapped my hair around this thing and came on me? I've kind of wanted to see what it felt like since I saw it." Her soft fingers were now closed around the head of my cock and began sliding gently up and down over the tip of my shaft.
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She knew that the orgasm was going to come alone and was very close. She feared that if she stopped, the electricity within her would disappear, so she continued, pushing her fingers in again and again, stroking her clit with her thumb. She opened her eyes for a second to look at the balcony and was disconcerted to see it completely empty. But that didn’t stop Ruth; she didn’t need them to feed the spark electrifying her entire body. She could feel molten sweat erupting from every pore, pricking with the wind that suddenly eased in through the window over her skin and her soaking fingers. She was about to, had just about come to orgasm…"For what?" Kelly asked, staring at him, her mouth hanging open.Check Also"...but Lee is definitely thicker." It was my turn for the Victors' grin.

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