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March 24, 2019, 06:28:28 PM
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General HEAT Discussion / Hot negro BBW !!!
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:48:34 AM »
Jan put her hand behind her, groping for my cock. Without ceasing my ministrations on her clit, I leaned back so she could get her hand around my shaft. My cock swelled at her touch. She pumped it a few times. Next, she ran her thumb and finger appraisingly over its dimensions.And the runerod pushed in completely."P-please, I give in, just gimme the runerod...""Okay," Karin said, leaving the door open and turning back to the kitchen."It sure would!" She replied without hesitation."Hey guys, wait a minute!"
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   "Second, you owe me sex twice, whenever I want it, within reason, since you just jumped into my bed last night," I finished."Oh shit, I'm...." she moaned loudly. "I'm... cumming! I'm cumming! Don't stop!!""Have you ever done it before?" John asked."And you're soooo glad we found you," the brunette cooed, and he felt her fingers dance over his cock. He trembled, but as soon as they had arrived, they vanished again.CHAPTER 1Kent and I exchanged grins again. The dishes where done enough, and the drinks ready. We were naked, and still sporting decent erections. Hot, horny women awaited us beyond the door. I had one more question; "So, are we all up to the same room, full swap thing, or what?" I asked him.Buford smirked at the sight of her pokies, then went on with his story: "Before I reached for the funnel, I took another look at those enchanting lips. They obviously wanted to play, peeking out at me like that, and suggesting to me that they would be a helluva lot more fun to use than any old stick to clean off my boots. I couldn't argue with that, so I tried to stick the toe of my boot between them, to part them a little so I could get a better view. When I did that, you squirmed and spread your legs enough for me to get the toe in between them and then press down on them and spread them apart until they lay flat. They had blossomed beautifully, opening up like the petals of a flower. They looked so open and inviting, splayed out like that, and were just begging me to use them."Jenna's bucking against my fingers slowed down and she emitted a soft satisfied purr as the last of her orgasm flowed through her.

General HEAT Discussion / Crazy latinas fat ?
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:45:42 AM »
Next"Secret to what?" He asked, puzzled.“Yes,” she squeaked. “Always yes!”"Which reminds me, you have an ass to fuck. Do you not?""Guess you like to show off, too," Jenna interrupted, making a show of looking me up and down. I watched as her eyes seemed to linger for a moment on my tits. Laughing, she declared, "You look hot, Mrs. Wilson." The smile left her face. Looking me in the eye, she added, "Damn hot.""Because of you, silly," she said. "All I could think of was this beautiful peter you have, and I knew that Jimmy's wouldn't make me happy tonight."
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   Cassidy laughed, a soft, sweet laugh, the smell of booze still floating on her breath. "If I had known you could fuck like that, I would have jumped you sooner.""You want to try again?" He pointed. "I saw this—"That was it. Nothing about her asking me to cum in her hair, how she had encouraged me to feel up her bare breast, or how she had egged me on while I ejaculated right into a ball of her red hair. Nothing."I'd say so," he said, failing badly to cover himself with his hands, his face turning crimson."Bravo!" said the boy at last, although he was still enjoying the show. "You've got the stingers out! You can relax now.""Wanna bet?" My wife sank to her knees before me. Anne, no matter how tired I am, or how many times I've come, can always, always produce an erection from me with one of her wonderful blowjobs. She made pleasurable little mewling noises in her throat as she sucked. I looked to the others as I felt my cock swell in my wife's mouth. Jan was getting more than just the feel of Kurt's monster. He had her leaning over the back of the love seat, pounding her from behind. Kent had Anja pinned to the back of the seat as well, energetically fucking her mouth. I wondered idly if he'd come once already, and had promised her seconds. Or perhaps it was because he was distracted watching his wife get hammered by a giant blonde stranger. It suddenly occurred to me that his fat dick might have ruined my wife's terrifically tight pussy! I grabbed Anne by the elbows and hauled her to her feet. My sudden movements made the others glance concernedly at us."Thanks, Mr. Henderson," John said, getting out of the car.She seemed to notice. "I have an idea, and if you think it's crazy, we can totally forget that I ever mentioned it." She licked her fingers delicately, to clean off the remnants of the meal she was making, before giving me a slyly inquisitive look.

General HEAT Discussion / Nice really black fat ?
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:42:53 AM »
I knew Cassidy's sexy body was going to be a huge distraction for me the second she moved in. She showed up with her first few boxes of stuff wearing booty shorts and a tank top over a sports bra. When she was walking away from me, I couldn't stop looking at her impossibly shapely round ass. When she was walking towards me, I couldn't stop stealing glances at her large, round breasts pressed firmly against the tightly constraining fabric of her sports bra.CHAPTER 5Jenna needed no coaxing and as I slowly pumped my fingers in and out of her juicy little slit, she unzipped Doug's jeans. I smiled at her discovery. "No underwear? You were at the club like that? You guys are even nastier than I thought you'd be!"The runerod seemed to give a little jolt, and Ia felt her pussy's sensitivity suddenly... spike. In a wave of lust, she registered:She giggled. As the music stopped, I placed a soft kiss on the back of her neck. I let her go, and as she turned to look at me, I saw she was as red as her shirt.I knew there would be a breaking point one way or another, but I could never have anticipated how it would happen.
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   "Faster, please." She begged.Without thinking I jumped out of my chair and tried to slam shut the door between the bedroom and the bathroom. For half a second, Cassidy was looking through the doorway, her eyes going wide at the sight of me naked from the waist down with my dick in my hand, and then the door slammed shut in her face.I shook my head, mouthing back, "Don't even think about it!""Hee—s-stop!" the brunette squealed, clutching at her breasts with one hand and her groin with another. "S-stop that—don't neeeeheehee!"Lynn looked herself in the mirror and I told her that she couldn’t wear such a plain bra with her sexy G-string panty. When she turned around to face me, she noticed the growing bulge in my trousers. She went back to her drawers and pulled out a matching black lace bra that perfectly complimented her choice of panties for the night. Seeing that I was getting aroused by what she was going to wear for the evening, she came to me to tease me. Lynn approached me with only her G-string on and holding her bra in her hand…. “I know you want to suck on my nipples! Better get some nipple play in now before I cover them up and you won’t be able to play with them till we get home!” I took advantage of the offer and began to lick and suck on my wife’s luscious nipples. Lynn let her head fall back as she enjoyed my oral skill I was giving to her breasts and nipples. Seeing her enjoying what I was doing, I decided to push the envelope and reached between her legs to see how much she was enjoying what I was doing."Oh...My...God! You look HOT!" Janet exclaimed. Kent and Jan were standing in the door looking at us. I think they wanted to take a quick shower, too."I better check, anyway." He announced."I know, thanks for saying that," she said dejectedly as she tossed her keys and her purse onto the kitchen counter. "But a deal is a deal. You can cum on my face."

General HEAT Discussion / Amazing black ass !
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:40:05 AM »
Those soft features, those big eyes and trembling lips, even the ones who weren't so sweet had that look to them. I shifted as I turned to face the other side of the dance floor and sighed when the material of my lace bra rubbed across my stiff nipples."Yes, they're amazing," I replied honestly."I don't know about this, John," Tom said. "I've never had an audience before.""Thank you, it's been chilly in here, see." She said, sweetly.As I kissed her deeply, I carefully unbuckled her bra allowing her restraints to fall to the floor. I reached up and began to caress her tits as we maintained our passionate lip-lock. We fell to the bed still in our embrace and she pulled my shirt off of me and began to kiss my nipples. As she alternated between my nipples, she reached between my legs and grabbed my swollen cock. She was surely skilled at working my nipples and stroking me at the same time. She built me towards an orgasm and I let these amazing feelings take over my body. Wanting to reciprocate the pleasure, I broke our embrace and put her in the center of the bed. I secured the sides of her thong and carefully pulled it off of her. As her thong peeled off her pussy, I could see her wetness in her panties. Melissa changed her pussy jewelry back to the barbell over her clit and I couldn’t wait to taste her again. I managed to overcome my desire to eat Melissa right then and instead opted to kiss her on her mouth again. I alternated fondling her breasts with one had while the other hand played with her very wet pussy. I stroked her lips till my fingers were good and wet then inserted one, then two fingers into my lover’s love hole. Melissa began to tremble as the sexual pleasure took over her body. As I rubbed and fingered her, I could feel her clit harden letting me know she was on the verge of having an orgasm. I asked her how she wanted to cum and she told me she wanted me inside her when she came. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to lick her pussy as wet as it was, so as I lifted myself off of her I dove my face into her swollen and wet pussy and took a quick lick and taste of her love box. Getting a mouth full of her juices, I readied myself to enter her. Knowing I was ready to cum myself, I reached over to the nightstand to grab a condom and as I readied to open it, Melissa took it from me and said that we would not be using condoms that night… she wanted to feel me shoot my load in her. That thought alone almost made me cum. I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her love hole and Melissa looked at me and lovingly said, “Make love to me! Let me feel your cock in me and fill me up with your cum!” Wanting to be a good lover, I did as I was asked. I slid my cock into her and instantly I realized how much better her pussy felt skin-to-skin. I began to ease my cock in and out of her feeling the incredibly tight walls of her love canal. We stayed in missionary position as I steadily increased my pace. Melissa’s moans of pleasure were unlike the night before, that night they were far more passionate and loving. I could feel my orgasm nearing and I told Melissa I was about to cum. She reached between her legs and began to rub herself in time with my thrusts. As her self-pleasuring pace increased, I knew she was ready to explode. I tried my best to postpone my impeding explosion and as I felt Melissa explode I couldn’t hold myself off and I released my own orgasm while she came too. The two of us came together as we bucked through our orgasms. As the waves of sexual ecstasy took over our bodies, we both tried to hold each other to share the feeling with our lover. My orgasm finished first, but my cock was still somehow semi-hard and still remained in Melissa’s pussy. I fell on to her to hold her and caress her through her final moments of her orgasm. I heard her whimper and nearly cry with thankfulness and gratitude for the love making we just shared. My limping cock began to slip out of Melissa and when it finally popped out from her I felt how wet it was as it fell against my leg. Melissa reached down to her crotch and pulled two fingers of the love cocktail we had made and she took it in her mouth. She reached in for a second serving this time offering it to me. I joyfully cleaned my lover’s fingers enjoying the taste of what we made together. We laid side-by-side for a while before we made love a second time and then a third. By the third time we had made love, I had the pleasure of cumming in Melissa’s pussy and mouth too. I even had the thrill of watching her suck my cock dry and swallow every drop of my sperm. What we shared that night was something incredible."It was great!" Kelly responded. "I think we'll go to the movies more often. It's a nice way to spend an evening."
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   Those soft features, those big eyes and trembling lips, even the ones who weren't so sweet had that look to them. I shifted as I turned to face the other side of the dance floor and sighed when the material of my lace bra rubbed across my stiff nipples.He whispered in her ear: "Your nipples hurt. Massage them with your fingers to see if that eases the pain." The girl slowly moved her hands up to her breasts and squeezed her nipples between thumb and forefinger.Melissa and I headed off to dinner and I watched Lynn and Chris go their way. From that moment, I wouldn't see my wife till the next morning. As for Melissa and I, we enjoyed a relaxing dinner and drinks together. Unlike the previous night, the connection between Melissa and I seemed to be on a deeper level than just sex. Following dinner, Melissa and I took a stroll around the hotel property enjoying each other’s company. Not much was said between us, but the time spent holding hands and the tender moments we shared were a stark difference to the animalistic lust that had been the driving force of the previous night. We made our way up to our suite and when we entered, we could see that Chris and Lynn had already made their way to their room earlier. We made our way to our room and on the way we passed the door to the room where my wife and Chris were, we could hear moans of passion, but unlike the night before, tonight the door was closed. At first, I though it strange that I knew my wife was in that room having sex with another man and I was not going to be a part of it… I wasn’t even allowed to watch, but I trusted both she and Chris.A Case for Lady-Ladles: Why Being Big Spoon is Awesome"Fuckmefuckmefuckme—""Hey, I was wondering if you have any..." I could hear Cassidy saying."For both my pretty friends."After what seemed like an hour of that play between the four of us, Chris suggested to hit the dance floor to let some of the built up tension subside. The two couples headed to the dance floor with each couple holding hands. We got to the floor and began to dance, Melissa is a very seductive dancer taking opportunities to rub her body against mine. She seductively swayed to and from me and as she moved there were times that her short shirt moved in such a way that it exposed the bottoms of her ass cheek. At one point, she faced me and pulled up the front of her skirt showing me her lovely bald pussy. I wish I could tell you what was happening between Lynn and Chris but I was so taken and focused on Melissa that the only thing I recall about those two were wrapped up in each other’s arms dancing closely together.

General HEAT Discussion / Amazing ebony ass !
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:37:12 AM »
"See," she said coyly, "Wasn't that much better than just doing it with your hand.""And she got that mad?" He whistled. "Because she looked—""Sorry," I said, taking her hands in mine. "I couldn't resist.""Hello, John," Tom said, shaking his hand. "More practice?"Elly smirked. She took the paintbrush away from Ia's pussy and brought it up, tracing it over Ia's lips. Ia's lips quivered at the slow, sensual attention. She could feel her own juices being 'painted' onto her mouth. "I think you can," she soothed. "I think you can take it for hours, get even nicer and dumber for me. Isn't that what you said? Ooh, you were so rude to me, sweetie.""True, but you never know and—"
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   "Thanks, buddy." I said, then added: "Hey, wait a minute. Is that because you think she won't like it, or..."Brist looked up in awe as one of his own mistresses was tickled in front of him. The technique was incredible, judging by the catgirl's cries and titters. Who was doing this? And would she consider picking up where his mistress had left off?"It's one of the reasons," he admitted. "But I also wanted you because I think you're a very beautiful young girl and you go to school with my daughter.~~~~The woman’s body reminded her of Rubens’s paintings: fleshy, broad-hipped, with generous breasts… Still, all in proportion. The only difference Ruth could find was the black hair at the peak of her inner thighs, which the owner seemed to be displaying to the street with nonchalance. Ruth’s neck seemed to double in temperature out of embarrassment, both for watching and the flagrant display; however, she had the feeling that she was the only one watching. Sudden awareness of that fact made her start, and she glanced back at the door to the storeroom, only partially obscured by a half-empty bookshelf. She felt calmer when she saw that it was closed, but her pulse continued to thrum below her damp blouse.I woke to the smell of brewing coffee. I'm not a morning person, and unless there is an emergency, I will often doze for 15 to 20 minutes before actually getting out of bed. Besides, once I'm up, I really have to hit the bathroom, and I could hear someone showering in there. I heard shuffling from the next bedroom, then heavy bare footsteps moving past the end of the bed. The lofts were only closed on three sides; there was no wall to the inside of the cabin. There was a walkway with a railing connecting the two bedrooms. Heavy footfalls creaking down the staircase indicated it was Kent. I listened with my eyes closed to the morning light streaming in through the all-glass front of the cabin."Would you pay $1,000.00 to fuck me, John?" she asked softly, swimming up to him."It can feel so much nicer. You're breathing it in right now." She giggled. "Can't you feel it filling you up like a balloon? Your cock's getting soooo hard. I can feel it." She purred the word.

General HEAT Discussion / Nice ebony BBW !!!
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:34:15 AM »
Kent rolled off Anne, exhausted, onto his back in the plush fur. Anne and Anja lay in each other's embrace. The four of us rested a bit, watching Kurt bring Janet to another orgasm. I had heard her coming earlier, too, when Kurt was fucking her.But it was too late as a spurt of cum shot from his cock, hitting Kelly in the face next to her nose and dribbling down to her mouth where she licked it. The next spurt flew into her open mouth, splashing against the back of her mouth as it closed around the head of his cock, her lips wrapped around the shaft as she sucked on him, swallowing the cum that filled her mouth over and over again. She let her tongue play over the head of his cock, making him groan as she sucked the last of his cum from him before letting him go and sitting back on her heels, her face shining, cum dribbling from her chin.Trying to pick up his slack, I removed her hand from my arm. "Jenna, go back into the club and have fun. You're right. That's what we enjoy, but—""Ooohh, so that's why you didn't want to undress and come in the water," Kelly said, staring at his cock throbbing in his underwear. "But I don't mind," she said. "I'll just take it as a compliment," suddenly grabbing his underwear and pulling them down to the ground, along with his shorts. As she did so, his cock sprang out, hitting her in the face before she could get out of the way. "Now you can come in the water," she said, standing up, her face flushed with the excitement of her brother's hard cock slapping her in the face."Did you like it?""Hello, John," he said. "And hello, Kelly," he said, taking her hand and leading her off the elevator. "You look very nice tonight, Kelly. Would you like something to drink before we go into my office area?"
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   John pounded his cock into her, over and over and over, feeling a great sense of ecstasy as he pushed in and out of his sister's willing and warm pussy. He could feel her heels pressed into his back as he pressed his body to hers. The feelings were almost beyond bearing as he drilled his cock into her over and over again. After almost 20 minutes of non-stop fucking he finally felt his balls begin to contract, letting him know that the party was almost over. He thrust and thrust until he felt himself go over the edge, then he pulled his peter from his sister's pussy and crawled up her body until he was able to slide it into her open mouth as he mentally strained to hold his cum back."It's freezing in here. I want that fire going before you get any more." She said to him.Maybe Trys had been redhead."Sister, I feel..." The redhead was squirming. The feather fell from her trembling fingers. "I feel h-horny. Horny!"Jenna began to laugh, but it turned into a squeal as Doug started fucking the shit out of her.Further, she had always been impressed by the way this backwoods farmer communed with Nature, as if he understood what the hills and lakes were saying to him, and the plants and animals too; and he had just confessed to her that her nether lips spoke to him as well; and she had to admit, a bit ruefully, that when they were so utterly exposed as they were in Buford's depiction of them, especially in front of a man like Buford, well, they really were just begging for abuse, and even deserved it, since she couldn't really fault him for giving in to their entreaties.She turned and smiled at me with her perfect white teeth and mischievous blue eyes and said, "Can I ask you to go down on me again?" Less than five minutes later, Cassidy was pulling my face into her pussy as she came hard while riding my tongue. Afterwards, I looked up at her, a sleepy smile on her slightly sweaty face, her chest red with arousal, and thought she could not have looked prettier."Your house!"

General HEAT Discussion / Wet african bodies !!!
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:31:24 AM »
"I think I can take care of that for you." She said, sweetly.Her fingers kept pumping him, slowly but steadily. They were slick and sticky, and he knew why. His cock was tingling, too, now. He trembled."All I care about right now is Doug coming." She winked as she lowered herself to the floor next to me. "Right in my mouth!"I saw him place his thumb on her clit and Jenna cooed in delight and I felt her body relax between us. I looked over at Doug and after kissing her nipple started sliding down the bed. I let my tongue slide along her stomach and saw her watching me a look of anticipation on her face. Across from me, Doug was doing the same thing and as he stopped, teasing his tongue along the swelling of her pubic mound, I slid down between her legs.John's cock continued to spasm, shooting glob after glob of hot cum into his sister's pussy as he rammed himself back and forth inside of her. As he almost finished cumming, Kelly pulled away, dislodging his cock from her pussy.No one cared enough to save her.
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   "Well," Kelly said, pressing her pelvis slightly against his leg. "I'd like the money, I guess.""No," Ia whined. "No, no, no!" She tried to buck against the paintbrush, tears pouring from her eyes. It was humiliating. She just couldn't take it anymore. Her mind was being sanded away, and all she cared about was an end to it all. An hour ago, she'd wished for death. Now she couldn't even wish for that—she needed climax. "I can't!"She blushed again and lowered her eyes. "I...I do like girls sometimes and you're really beautiful!"Cassidy walked into the living room and said, "Hey, can I ask you for a favor?""What happened? Are we—"No. She was poisoning him! He tried to lean away, but she just leaned further in, breasts jiggling again. It was so hot. So heady."Good-night.""Okay, what is it?" I asked.

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Doug didn't need any encouraging and as he began pounding away on my sopping pussy, I began sucking Jenna's pussy again as well as pumping my fingers into her as hard as I dared. She immediately began rocking her hips and moaning, "Oh, look at that! Look at him fuck you!""You can tell me about it and get the same results," John said."Jesus, Kelly," John exclaimed, staring at her. "What kind of a question is that?"Her blue eyes studied mine, uncertainty flashing across her pretty face. "Like I said, I trust you. And of course if we really wanted it, I'm sure some stranger in the bar would agree to do it, but I don't want to have to do that. That would probably be gross.""What do I get when it turns out this whole story is true?" I demanded.I was worried that Anja didn't know that Janet had never played with another woman. I didn't want there to be an unpleasant scene if Jan reacted poorly to that. She didn't seem at all disturbed by what Anja was doing to Anne. In fact, she watched with rather amused interest. I also noted that Jan and Anne were pressed quite close together, their breasts touching. That was a very reassuring sign. Still, I hoped that maybe Anne had mentioned something about Jan's preference.
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   My hands reached up, cupping her breasts, and I began to rapidly thrust my hips up and down, shoving my hard cock in and out of her. "Oh yes... oh God," Cassidy moaned atop me. She tried to match my rhythm, but I was pumping up and down so fast that she began to just hold onto my chest as I rocketed my cock in and out of her tight hole. My palms were filled with her firm tit flesh as she held on while I rocked my cock rapidly back and forth inside of her.Buford and Sons had been waiting for Tiffany when she had gotten back to the barn with her bucket of slops. Junior and Junior obviously weren't going anywhere, so Tiffany had disrobed and knelt at the feet of the Unholy Trinity. She had assumed her usual position, on her knees and facing away from them with her ass high in the air, and had placed her hands on her rear cheeks, awaiting the command "Open sesame!" Upon hearing the boys recite the magic words, Tiffany had parted her cheeks to reveal her hidden rear entrance."To the Ladies!" Kent said, raising his cup in a traditional Army toast."No, that's what she said," John told him. "I tried to talk her out of it but it was no use. It's the only way she'll do it. I even tried to emphasize the money, but it didn't matter how much it was if I wasn't there with her."The next day, after the boys' parents had left the house, Tiffany harvested a few of the nutlike goat's-head seed pods. She then spread a large beach towel under the boy's bedroom window in order to do some topless sunbathing. When she had stripped down to her bikini bottom, she sat down and carefully but as quickly as possible thrust one of the goat's-head thorns as far as possible into the very center of each tit tip. When she had recovered sufficiently from this first stage of her plan, she managed to snap off the remainder of each seed pod so that only a tiny stub of thorn remained visible in each nipple. The groaning girl then fell over backwards. Flat on her back, she could see the boy grinning down at her; for this next stage of her plan had left her barely able to move other than to shudder a few times, her tits quivering nicely."No, I don't," he replied, a big smile on his face. "Why don't you try it and find out what would happen to you."Shocked by Kelly's brazenness, John lifted Kelly's skirt to find that she had no panties on and that her naked ass and pussy were pointing right at him. He could see a drop of moisture dripping from the end of Kelly's engorged clit as it stuck out from between her pussy lips and he knew that she was really excited.The stiff hose had burrowed deeper and deeper, eliciting delighted cries of "Wow!" and "Yeah!" and "Awesome!" from the boys, and cries of "Oh!" and "Ah!" from Tiffany as well. Finally, after watching their father stow almost the entire length of unwieldy hose away, the boys had agreed that stowing it away was definitely "a good idea!"

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"Good morning, everyone," she said, sliding into a seat. "I'm starved."Ia could only scream as her systems were utterly flooded in pleasure, perfect, complete. It was pleasure mixed with a strange sense of completion she had never felt before, not with all her years of living with the alchemy, all her years of denying herself. She'd never thought of it as denial back then—she'd had sex all the time back home—but somehow, this was different. She'd never been made to submit before, never been made to feel how good it felt. Instinctively, she knew that she would never feel this good again.He opened his mouth to gasp and it was filled with Kelly's pussy. His tongue automatically shot into her pussy, fran-tically sucking and licking at the juices that flowed from her while his dick continued to spew cum into her mouth. After what seemed like hours they both slowly stopped, laying with their mouths on each other, breathing deeply. Finally Kelly rolled off and turned around, snuggling up against her brother.Cassidy looked over and smiled. "You good?" she asked.“Because you're smart,” Elly husked, leaning in and kissing Ia's neck. “You're strong.” She climbed up, kissing Ia's cheek. “And you can resist all of this, right?” The paintbrush playfully danced up Ia's belly to Ia's lips, and Ia's heart almost stopped with even this small relief."You couldn't even if you tried," John laughed.
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   Doug laughed. Squeezing me closer to him, he took a sip from his Heineken. As always, his laugh was loud and genuine, and a few people glanced over at him and smiled. I did as well. Doug was one of those people whose smile and laughter and almost annoyingly at times, upbeat personality, spread to those around him. I tended to be more on the serious side and was the one who worried about everything so we balanced each other out well.There was no holding back from that and after several more thrusts that caused Jenna to scream and the bed to shake, Doug pulled his cock from inside her. I immediately grabbed it and began pumping it hard and fast."Because of you, silly," she said. "All I could think of was this beautiful peter you have, and I knew that Jimmy's wouldn't make me happy tonight."My mind just had time to register how strange it felt to have a girl be so grateful that I was willing to jack off in her hair. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in front of my laptop watching some of my favorite porn, rubbing away furiously at my cock. I'd like to claim that my pecker was a solid, throbbing rock of manhood, but I couldn't get the thing fully erect. My eyes were watching some young porn star get nailed on the screen in front of me, but my mind was all over the place. Wasn't this crossing a dangerous line? What kind of girl asks her recently new roommate to jizz in her hair? Why did she even think of asking ME in the first place?"Just a couple." Anne insisted."What?" I asked incredulously.----------"Hi, John, how are you?"

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It FINALLY dawned on me where this was going, and I was so surprised that it felt like the whole apartment spun for a second.~~~~ ~~~~Her excitement was growing and growing exponentially, betraying her initial calm confidence.Jan stayed and fixed her hair while I took a quick shower and shave. We chatted through the curtain with each other. A few times she gave me a little play by play of the action in the other room, based on the noise she heard. Listening to Janet describe my wife getting fucked by Kent was making me hard again, but I figured they'd be done before I got out. Sure enough, just when I shut off the water and threw open the curtain, Anne came rushing in with her hand clamped between her legs. She made straight for the tub, brushing past me as I held the curtain back for her. Kent's come dripped from her fingers as she pulled her hand away. More coursed down the inside of both thighs, running down her legs to the floor of the tub."Hey, you two," Jason shouted. "Time's up. You have to drop a ball."The four of us headed out to our respective homes and back to our “normal” lives. Lynn and I talked and shard that neither of us had any regret over that we had done and wanted to pursue adding Chris and Melissa to our love making in the future. We got home and after we settled back in after our weekend, Lynn and I had some of the most passionate love making we had in years. We now have truly some of the best friends we could have ever imagined. We get together often to hang-out and every once in a while, we set up the evening where we either all share a night together or once in a while we completely swap partners for the night. The openness and constant dialog between Lynn and I regarding our sexual desires and fantasies have brought us closer and our sex lives are more satisfying that it had ever been. This summer, the four of us are planning to take a cruise to the Caribbean where we will be staying at one of those “adults only” resorts… who knows, maybe after that weekend ill have to write another story.
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   Read More »Jenna dropped her arms and spun around, driving her ass back into me. She leaned back against me as I had done to Becca. I brought her arms up behind her and wrapped them around my neck. She began sliding back and forth and lowering herself as far as she could without moving her arms and then sliding back up. I couldn't hold back a moan as her bare upper back rubbed my nipples through my dress while her fingers played in my hair. With a start, I realized this girl, who was less than half my age, was completely taking control of me."They seem pretty excited about this." I said to her."Oh, oh...Yeah!" Kent bellowed. He was filling my wife with his semen again. Come jetting into her pussy always triggers an orgasm in her."This is obedience," Elly cried, over Ia's screams. "This is what it feels like to be a good girl! You always wanna be a good girl, right?""Cassidy, I don't..." I began to say, but before I could finish I felt her soft fingers slowly closing over my thick cock.He loved his kittens.Afterwards, Cassidy quickly changed and left to meet friends. I masturbated that night remembering the look of overwhelming ecstasy on her pretty face... and my cum spurting between her gentle hands.

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"I'll take one of those." He replied, nodding at my beer.Doug nodded. "That's right! They're gone until Tuesday. Your dad asked me to keep an eye on you so—""Okay, well I need to use the bathroom, then we'll go." Doug pushed himself away from the bar and started to walk away.The door flew open and Anne stepped in, dripping wet and mouth-watering nude. "Hey!" She snapped teasingly. She shook her nearly empty glass at us. "Hurry the fuck up, will ya?" She teased. She ducked back out, pulling the door shut behind her.The days passed and the evidence began to build that the stories about UNC were true. One person resigned and others were fired. University officials apologized. The days turned into a week, and there appeared to be no doubt that UNC had permitted student athletes to attend a fake class.I looked over my shoulder at Cassidy. She was wearing one of her tight little black skirts with matching black jacket over a white top. It always impressed me that she looked sexy and deliciously curvy no matter what type of clothes she was wearing.
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   Surprised by her outburst, Buford and Tiffany stared at each other, wide-eyed. Tiffany laughed, a little embarrassed. "Well, am I right?"Her excitement was growing and growing exponentially, betraying her initial calm confidence."Bimbo!" she squealed. She felt a supreme bliss fill her quieting mind as she said the word. She wanted to feel that again. "Bimbo! I'm your b-b-bimbo sluuuut wh-whore!" Oh, gods, how did this feel so good? How?It was a basket full of meat, cheese, and sweets, plus two bottles each of wine and champagne. Kent carried it in and set it on the dinette table as we all gathered around. Anne found an envelope with a note in it. Anne scanned it, and then read aloud to the rest of us."God, John, that was the best fuck of my life," she said. "I guess I've always wanted it to be you."“Say it,” Elly hissed, rising up and down on the runerod. “I get to come. That makes me smart.”Somewhere in the middle of me blowing my cum all over Melissa’s tits, I heard Chris moan in ecstasy undoubtedly cumming as well. I opened my eyes to see my wife taking Chris’ cum all over her breasts too. The two ladies had just given Chris and I an amazing treat, with their tits covered in the other woman’s husband’s cum they embraced in a sensual hug and gave each other a kiss on the cheek. They faced Chris and I and exclaimed that it was now their turn. Chris approached Melissa and I made my way to Lynn. That’s when Lynn surprised me and said that it wouldn’t be fair that we got the pleasure of getting a blowjob from the other’s spouse and that it seemed only fair that we men returned the favor! I got to tell you, the thought of getting to lick a pierced pussy began to make my freshly spent cock tingle with excitement."Umm...yeah. He's cute, really in shape."

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We sat on at our kitchen table and Lynn told me about what happened that morning and why she came home so late. She explained that she met Melissa early and shared with her what happened the night before. She told her how she blindfolded me and wanted me to fantasize about having sex with her instead of with me. I was somewhat embarrassed yet curious to see what Melissa’s response was. Lynn shared with me that Melissa had noticed how Chris had been staring at her all night long and she had teased Chris with the thought of having sex with my wife! WOW…. My cock got instantly hard thinking about someone fantasizing about fucking my wife. Lynn said that the two ladies had laughed about the fact that they both noticed how their respective husbands were checking the other out and basically gave their husbands permission to think of the other woman as they had sex that night. Lynn said the two talked at length about what had happened the night before. Lynn and I had never been with another before and apparently neither had Chris and Melissa. My wife then mentioned how both women found it very erotic sharing what they had done the night before and were both getting wet just talking about it. Following their workout, Melissa suggested that each would exchange underwear with the other to tease their respective husband. My cock got even harder!!!Jan gestured toward to commode. "Go ahead, you're not showing me anything I haven't seen before." She grinned at me. "Though, it does seem a terrible waste of "morning wood."Leftover Words – An Erotic StoryAnja twists up her hair in her hands. "Like this?" She says sweetly, in a little girl voice. Then she looks me straight in the eye, and in her normal voice says, "Then you can pull on them when you fuck my ass tonight."The following weekend, just a few days after spraying my jizz all over Cassidy's face, I was asleep in bed around 4 am on Saturday. I started to wake just as I realized that Cassidy was in the bed with me.Elly giggled, raising the slick, dripping runerod to Ia's eye level. "But here's the thing!” she said, beaming at Ia. “Only good girls get to come, and only bimbos can be my good girls. And if you don't come... you get stupid.”
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   She came to stand in front of him, biting one lip, and reached down to touch his cock. He couldn't move. Her fingers stroked gently over his member, making his very soul quiver. "It's all out for me an' everything," she whispered in wonder. "Oh, good boy."It was almost a pleasure to eat her pussy. Cassidy had such a light, almost indistinguishable taste that I had to seek it out with the length of my exploring tongue. And after several licks and flicks of my tongue over her sex, by the time I had identified her essence, she was moaning near a scream. I looked up at her from between her smooth thighs, bore in with my tongue on her clit, and concentrated on rubbing and flicking her sensitive little nub.Tiffany nodded. "Okay." She paused again to collect her thoughts, then began: "The first time you did it, you caught me completely by surprise. Usually, you ask me whether I'll do something, and then when I hesitate, you give me an alternative that doesn't seem much better; but this time you didn't say anything before you stuck the toe of your boot in my pussy." Tiffany could hardly believe she had just said that, but she could hardly believe the events of the past year either. It had been an unbelievable year. There was never a dull day at Buford's chicken farm.Boots weren't made for stepping softly, thought Tiffany; and the idea that Buford could tread gently on anything with his boots on struck her as absurd: He wasn't clumsy, exactly; but she would never call him graceful either. Moreover, the thought that her doctor would undoubtedly tell her not to let Buford use his boots on her labia irritated her, since to her mind he was not guilty of doing that; instead, she thought he was doing just the opposite: She thought Buford was using her labia on his boots. "It's my pussy lips' responsibility to protect the soles of your boots from getting chafed, not the other way around!" she exclaimed.No sooner had she closed her mouth on him than he erupted. Cum began shooting from the bottom of his balls into her mouth."I'd rather spend the night here," Kelly told him."Yes," Ia whined, “yes, yes, yes!"Jan chided her, "Yes, you have too." Janet teased.

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As I rolled onto my back, Cassidy's hand closed around the base of my cock and pulled my manhood out through the front of my boxers. "You said no sex," I reminded her, still trying to wake my muddled mind. I felt one of her full breasts resting against my chest and asked, "Are you naked?!"Jenna giggled and entered the room. I followed to see her standing in front of our bed, a huge smile on her face. I immediately went over to her. Moving so quickly she caught me by surprise, Jenna threw her arms around my neck and pressed her lips hard to mine. Unlike the club, this was not a teasing kiss. I groaned as my incredibly eager young neighbor all but attacked my mouth. My arms went around her slim waist, and this time, it was Jenna who moaned in her throat as I returned her kiss with equal fervor.Flattered, Tiffany smiled. She decided to buy a bottle of champagne when she turned 21. "Now I know how to celebrate my birthday!" she thought out loud.Kent threw his hands up defensively. "No, not that, though I am very confident...""The quart of come that poured out of Anne, and the second one you dumped in Jan."Kent and Janet watched with keen interest, but kept up their questioning. Occasionally Anne would pull my member from her lips long enough to elaborate on something I said, but for the most part concentrated on giving me exquisite head. Jan played with Kent's cock as I talked. She whispered something to Kent, which made him smile, and then she slid down to suck his cock, too. Kent and I continued talking, though our wives were increasingly distracting to both of us.
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   "Oh, God! I'm coming. Yesss!"From Top to Bottom: What’s Your Favorite Anal Sex Position?I started sucking it in time with my pumping fingers and speaking of fingers, I cried out when Doug roughly shoved two of them into my sopping pussy. He followed that by sucking my clit so hard into his mouth I moaned in discomfort. That feeling quickly gave way to pure pleasure as I got used to it and I began to rock back and forth into his face, as my tongue worked its magic across Jenna's hard clit.I gave her ass a squeeze, then reaching further, slid my fingers through her wet lips and found her swollen clit. Jenna gasped around Doug's cock, but kept her lips pressed to it. I could feel Doug's thigh shaking against my shoulder. Placing my fingers around his cock, I gently stroked just the base. I withdrew my lips from him and looked up to see he was sweating and breathing hard. He saw me looking, and I asked, "You want to cum for our pretty little friend, baby?""Mmm, hmm." She murmured into Anja's wet opening."OK, Buddy. Let's see what happens!" He clinked his beer to mine.With every submission, he grew weaker.I entered the bathroom and a fresh case of nerves assailed me. Through a stroke of luck, a quick glance told me that there was no one in the stalls and that my hopefully soon-to- be newfound friend was at the long counter fixing her hair in front of the mirror. There was one other girl there as well, but she was leaning against the wall speaking quietly into a phone and staring down at the floor, her long blonde hair hanging over her face and concealing her features. Taking a deep breath, I walked over to the counter. Standing next to the redhead, I put my purse down and removed my lipstick.

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Kelly gasped when she felt John's cock suddenly withdrawn from her pussy and she quickly scrambled around so that his cock was hanging in front of her face, dripping with their combined juices. She opened her mouth and hungrily sucked on it, slurping at it and delighting in the flavors she was tasting, he was so hard! Then she felt John's hands twine in her hair, holding her head firmly in his grasp, and he began to fuck her mouth, sliding his cock in and out, banging it into the back of her throat each time. She concentrated on lathing his cock with her tongue each time he filled her mouth, loving the feeling of it sliding back and forth, so strong and smooth."God, Kelly, you're really nice to look at," John laughed softly, his eyes taking in her beautiful body, her tits big and full, her nipples hard and pointed, and the red hair on her pussy. "Aren't you at all afraid of mom catching us?""Tell me what?" I asked warily.Softly, Jenna said, "I bet you keep him happy. Bet he makes you happy too, but..." She paused then, that nasty little smile reappearing. "I think sometimes you guys need a little more to make you happy."As she turned from him, Doug looked at me and mouthed, "Oh, my God."John pounded his cock into her, over and over and over, feeling a great sense of ecstasy as he pushed in and out of his sister's willing and warm pussy. He could feel her heels pressed into his back as he pressed his body to hers. The feelings were almost beyond bearing as he drilled his cock into her over and over again. After almost 20 minutes of non-stop fucking he finally felt his balls begin to contract, letting him know that the party was almost over. He thrust and thrust until he felt himself go over the edge, then he pulled his peter from his sister's pussy and crawled up her body until he was able to slide it into her open mouth as he mentally strained to hold his cum back.
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