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July 02, 2020, 11:28:27 PM
News: 2017-10-10 Heatledger 2.0 with Heatwallet 2.2.0 released! NOTE: Balance leasing and hard fork at block 777777

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HEAT Wallet discussion / Re: Release: heat-ui 0.1.0 [ALPHA]
« on: September 26, 2016, 03:21:11 PM »
Here is an interesting continuation...
The Dickenson message is the last message I sent to myself. Notice it does not show up in the home screen but a new message id is created on the sidebar where the message is visible.

I initially thought it was due to the character size; however the domain vs sub-domain piece has more characters in the message.

Sidenote: Customizable Transaction Labels for the sidebar would be extremely sexy :)

Ok thanks i see.
Home screen does not display transactions send to self.
Thats an API issue in heat-server, we'll look into that later on.
What do you mean by 'Customizable Transaction Labels for the sidebar', which label would that be?
Internationalization support is planned and will contain all things like side labels but in different languages.

HEAT Wallet discussion / Re: Release: heat-ui 0.1.0 [ALPHA]
« on: September 23, 2016, 02:49:57 PM »
Had to log out and back in before my balance updated when receiving coins. Would be nice if this auto updated.
That's a basic feature of course in proper release. Currently the balance should auto update on new blocks (average 25 secs).

Balances are supposed to update in real-time over the websocket listeners (
Could've been a timeout (bug) or that the network simply did not see it yet.
I'll keep an eye on it.

General HEAT Discussion / Re: Welcome to the forum!
« on: September 22, 2016, 12:21:30 PM »
I hope the integrated slack type service won't cost per message. It would be nice if it were free actually. I think 0.1 HEAT is kind of alot for a single message.

The 0.1 HEAT is just for test net. It will change, unclear exactly to how low, but low it will be.

HEAT Wallet discussion / Re: Release: heat-ui 0.1.0 [ALPHA]
« on: September 22, 2016, 12:18:01 PM »
Very nice.  I like the style (and the animations are just plain cool!).  As always, impressed with the tech!

Two concerns (bugs?) for the Mac UI client:
1) Copy and paste does not work to enter pass phrase (CTRL-V, nor right click)
2) Application icon is FIMK coin symbol.

I'm not sure I understand the tri-architecture.  I installed and ran heat-server on a VPS, though it all looks like brand new middleware and quite a bit different to my expectations.  Is heat-ledger (not available on Github, BTW) the replacement equivalent for what I used to know as 'fim-server'?

Can you elaborate a little more on new architecture, and comment on source availability for heat-ledger portion of the stack?


While windows and linux apps are pretty sound (since we have linux and windows machines to test that on) the macos version is still awaiting me getting a mac. Without an actual mac making these installers is almost impossible, I did the best I can however while not even having a mac.

The tri-architecture is different from our predecessor(s) (Btc, Eth, Nxt etc) where those others try (and fail) to solve all needs with one product.
Their architecture is P2P == DATABASE INDEX == SEARCH == API etc.. With Heat there is the ledger which does the p2p part.

But to serve the daily data to all the 500.000+ daily users  ;) all using the heat-ui client for their messaging and trading, you cannot do that from an API that runs inside a crypto client. For that you need a proper scaling server solution that can be scaled up or down as needed, basically how every big data provider does that (facebook, whatsapp, slack etc).

That server solution is what we call the heat-server and the one we are making (on Play! Framework) can be considered the reference implementation and will be the one that powers our API servers.

Source code for heat-ledger is not available yet. Still working on that.

End users will want to run an instance of heat-ledger on their servers, they'll be rewarded for doing so and helping the network out. Deep API data and real-time websocket connectors will be provided by our cloud hosted version of heat-server (load balanced cluster architecture), when automating your business on Heat you'll connect to those servers on the domain.

Since everything is open source, if you want to you can run the full stack yourself but this is not required.

HEAT Wallet discussion / Release: heat-ui 0.1.0 [ALPHA]
« on: September 21, 2016, 11:28:53 PM »
We are happy to present to you the first ever heat-ui release.
Heat-ui is the client framework and part of the holy heat trinity that is made up of

  • heat-ledger
  • heat-ui
  • heat-server

For users

We invite you to try out this release where and however you like.
The easiest way is to simply launch the app in your browser, works both on your desktop and your mobile device.

There also are the install-able versions for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Downloads can be found at the end of the changelog below or at our release page over github

This release is to showcase and test our client framework and all its distributions, new users get free TEST HEAT. This client is connected to the HEAT TEST NETWORK. Please read down below for an extensive description.

For developers

Are you a front-end developer? Do you love new and exiting techniques?
Then head on over to our project page and you'll find we have some very cool tech and would love to work with you on that.

Hash: SHA1

Release 0.1.0 | 2016-09-21 |

██╗  ██╗███████╗ █████╗ ████████╗   ██╗   ██╗██╗
██║  ██║██╔════╝██╔══██╗╚══██╔══╝   ██║   ██║██║
███████║█████╗  ███████║   ██║█████╗██║   ██║██║
██╔══██║██╔══╝  ██╔══██║   ██║╚════╝██║   ██║██║
██║  ██║███████╗██║  ██║   ██║      ╚██████╔╝██║
╚═╝  ╚═╝╚══════╝╚═╝  ╚═╝   ╚═╝       ╚═════╝ ╚═╝

This is the initial Aplha release of the Heat Client Framework also known as
the heat-ui project.

Heat-ui already is a robust and extensible framework for building multi device,
cross OS crypto currency clients.

Out of the box heat-ui runs in your browser on your PC and on your mobile
devices through its use of responsive designed ui controls.

Heat-ui also comes as a Windows installable application, as a MacOS
application (although currently in experimental phase) and as a Linux desktop

Pending target devices are Android and IPhone. All distributions for all
platforms use the same code base.

This Alpha release also is available online at as
a fully functional browser based version.

The goal of this Alpha release is to showcase and test the extensive framework
built by Heat Ledger Ltd.

This alpha version connects to Heat Test Net, we invite anyone to play around
and try it out. When creating a new account new users get 1.000 TEST HEAT for

Functionality in this version consists of blockchain based instant messaging,
sending and receiving Test HEAT and a simple block explorer.

- ---------------------------------- Downloads ----------------------------------
SHA256 3992ce20a2f3139c88d1b5c9c95a4eac37d72879112c7325bc78c4d3cff93176
MD5    67bd4d8325975ca94026c6a912645d20
SHA256 7da3db5ad17f4cab45f8f01af9cea5f712f0dae8caf195a8d8ab31fdfa1a47e5
MD5    a417196048abc8bdc8ee3b4f821e8496
SHA256 e479577d5811458f2fb4aa023b26315663d9dda3960de1aa7e588586dbab83b2
MD5    c6b248a2c414ebd6131259e3ecb78564

Version: GnuPG v1


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