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August 13, 2020, 08:49:47 PM
News: 2017-10-10 Heatledger 2.0 with Heatwallet 2.2.0 released! NOTE: Balance leasing and hard fork at block 777777
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Author Topic: Hot latinas pussy ?  (Read 4274 times)

BruceKam wrote Hot latinas pussy ? on March 05, 2019, 09:46:01 AM
"I have not seen that many." She stated firmly."You're still the Outtie for my Innie." She purred.What beautiful children I have, Karin thought wistfully as she watched them retreat down the hall. I'm so lucky, she thought.Boots weren't made for stepping softly, thought Tiffany; and the idea that Buford could tread gently on anything with his boots on struck her as absurd: He wasn't clumsy, exactly; but she would never call him graceful either. Moreover, the thought that her doctor would undoubtedly tell her not to let Buford use his boots on her labia irritated her, since to her mind he was not guilty of doing that; instead, she thought he was doing just the opposite: She thought Buford was using her labia on his boots. "It's my pussy lips' responsibility to protect the soles of your boots from getting chafed, not the other way around!" she exclaimed.
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Anne tossed her wet hair, ignoring him. "What about the neighbors?"Anne said "I don't know, I don't keep score." Anne looked at me emphatically, knowing I kept a notebook of our "hobby"."No, that's what she said," John told him. "I tried to talk her out of it but it was no use. It's the only way she'll do it. I even tried to emphasize the money, but it didn't matter how much it was if I wasn't there with her."Upstairs, the boy was intently watching his computer screen. Tiffany always left her laptop open and he could see her bedroom through the camera in the laptop. He really liked this gorgeous girl who had just moved into the basement, and he had already gotten lucky and seen her nude a few times. It looked as if he were going to get lucky again tonight.

BruceKam wrote Beatiful african fat ? on March 05, 2019, 12:09:12 PM
"Dad, are you playing golf today?" John asked as they began to eat.Not wanting to blow my load in her mouth, I pushed her off of me and opened her legs giving me full access to plunging my dick into her. I placed the tip of my head at the entrance of Melissa's love canal and I heard Chris give me his blessings.... "Fuck her.... Make passionate love to her! Be the lover she wants!!!" Melissa's eyes had been closed from the moment she erupted in her orgasm and I wanted to see her face when I entered her. I used one hand to spread her lips open and my other hand I used to guide the head of my cock into her. As the mushroom head of my dick entered her, Melissa opened her eyes and gazed into mine... a tear started to develop in her right eye and I wondered if she regretted what we were doing. I leaned in towards her and asked if she was ok.... Melissa whispers in my ear that she never thought that someone else could make her feel the was Chris does, but the moment I entered her, she felt something special between us was happening. That moment, I changed the way I was going to fuck Melissa. I now wanted to make love to her, the same way that I make love to my wife... I eased the remainder of my cock into Melissa and when she felt me bottom out in her she kissed me on my lips and whispered, "I love you honey! I want you to make love to me!"."You got any problem with that, Jason?" he asked.Read More »"But you said you didn't want to mess up your clothes," I stated, confused."So I decided to up the ante on them, to really make them pay to play. I wanted to see how they would respond to the higher stakes." Buford licked his lips again. He continued: "I was pleased by their response. No matter how high I raised the stakes, they never flinched away from the punishing treatment, and remained gamely spread-eagled.
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   "What's the big deal anyway?" John suddenly said. "It's not like it's not obvious that she's got tits now. She'd still have them even if she wore a sack.""Yes, it does, Kelly," he said, marveling at her forwardness as she continued to rub his cock through his pants. "Why don't you get it out?" he suggested.Read More »Even as she tickled Ia's clit, Mistress kissed her again, hard, passionate, soft and long. Despite her state, Ia struggled to think.... so good.Trys was blonde. She was a honey addict! Right? Surely Mistress was mistaken."Oh, yes!" I said quickly. "I wouldn't come here alone.""Open wide," she cooed. "Be a good boy!"

Angelacof wrote Crazy really black bodies ??? on March 05, 2019, 12:13:26 PM
"Everyone asks me if I'm Swedish, and I tell them 'No, I am Swiss'. So they call me 'Swiss Miss'." She laughed merrily.My beautiful wife led him"Thanks." She giggled, the sound causing a wave of heat between my legs. She gave me a nervous smile and seemed as if she were trying to think of something else to say."You sure?" I asked. "I don't want to make this news story any worse for you."
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   The second I said it, I knew I shouldn't have, but it was too late now and I pressed on. "We'll pay you. We have money. You're probably in school and could use some help and we..." Becca looked as if she were thinking about it and I told her, "Five hundred dollars."And then I was cumming, squeezing the tip of my dick through Cassidy's red hair, the orgasm bursting out of me in a sharp, pleasurable wave. Cassidy's eyes opened and she looked up at me as I came, electricity flowing between us as our eyes met while she watched me orgasm. Spurt after spurt of my hot jizz was pumped right into Cassidy's silky hair, and the visual was seared into my memory. Cassidy smiled, her blue eyes taking in the scene of me cumming on her, her big, creamy breasts on display for me as she knelt before me. My legs shook and I almost lost my balance as I came in her hair, finally having to sit back on the cold edge of the tub."Bring more drinks." said Jan."I thought you were going to use your fingers or something, most guys... don't like doing that," she responded.

BruceKam wrote Hot latinas fat . on March 05, 2019, 12:15:50 PM
You promised, the suggestions whispered, honeysuckle-sweet, brushing against his mind like teasing feathers. You admitted you love it. You came. You gave in. Why not just wait a little longer? You know you don't have it in you. Feels so right to give in. You promised."Oh fuck!" she hissed from somewhere above me.We sailed back to the dock as the sun was going down and the four of us relished in the wonderful afternoon that we had just shard. Our discussion was largely centered on the soft swap that we had just shared. We all agreed that as pleasurable as it was, we were not ready to take it further. The boat docked and we assisted Chris in securing the boat. The four of us headed to our cars and before we parted, we all exchanged hugs and kisses and went our separate ways. The entire ride home, Lynn and I talked about our day with Chris and Melissa and when we got home we were both so horny from talking about what happened on the boat, we barely go into the house before we started making love. Over the next week or so, Lynn would pull out Melissa’s pussy scented G-string and would tease me about the thought of fucking Melissa."Hello, John," he said. "And hello, Kelly," he said, taking her hand and leading her off the elevator. "You look very nice tonight, Kelly. Would you like something to drink before we go into my office area?""No," I said, trying to inspect her clothing, "But it's starting to run down onto your shirt." I reached for some toilet paper and tried to wipe away the little bit of my spunk that had splattered around her closed eyes."Hi, John, how are you?"
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   That night, I did exactly what my loving wife told me to do…. I fucked her like I would have if she were Melissa. Now this wasn’t the first time that we had given each other permission to fantasize about having sex with someone else, but never had it been someone we actually knew. I guess Lynn felt my animalistic and carnal desires that night and she too fucked me like she hadn’t in years. That night, Lynn and I fucked three times and she blew me four times and she even sucked me following me shooting my load in her. Normally, Lynn won’t suck on my cock once it’s covered in her pussy juice but that night she sucked me hard following one of my orgasms in her…. My only wish was that I could have seen everything Lynn had done to me that night."Go ahead," Doug said, causing me to elbow him in the side. "But, uh, make it quick.""Hold on," Doug said. I could feel his fingers around my waist trembling with excitement. "Come on, honey," he whispered. "Head for the bathroom, not the door!"The source of the light he had become so unreasonably hopeful for was, in fact, several strange golden balls hanging from the high black ceiling, each varying in size from the size of his head to the size of a small mastiff. Looking closely at them, Okino could almost swear he saw creatures writhing inside those orbs. Writhing humanoid shapes, contorting in passionate embrace.Elly put one finger to her pouting lips, looking quizzical. "If you're not a knight,” she said, with a thoughtful tone, "what are you, Ia?""Well, do you?" John persisted. "Think about it. You know how much she loves new clothes. The latest fashions. Well, Kelly's no different than any other girl in our class. And since we only get an allowance she really has no way to get anything unless she asks for it from mom and dad.""Forget Jenna!" Doug snapped. "That girl looks like she's leaving!""Swiss, actually. Or at least we were. We moved to Seattle in 1980." He said.

BruceKam wrote Hot latinas bodies ! on March 05, 2019, 12:23:19 PM
"No," I responded quickly. Then after a moment, "But that's good to know.""I know, I just hope this doesn't change things with them. I really like Kent and Janet.""It doesn't look like it's going to get disproved," I responded, now getting a little irritated that Cassidy was so obstinate about this news story."Get 'em off!" Kent roared. "No wet clothes on the furniture, I'm renting here."Cassidy flashed me her sparkling, white smile. Slowly, she reached out and closed her small, soft hand over my fingers. She guided me to my chair and asked, "Were you doing it right here?"I gave that pink button a soft kiss causing another moan to come out around Doug's thick cock and then gently took it between my lips. Jenna whimpered and I started sucking on it while pumping my fingers more quickly in and out of her pussy. Jenna started rocking her hips and I could feel her thighs starting to tremble against my face. She had removed Doug's cock from her mouth and was now running her pink tongue up and down his shaft. She was moaning from the effects of my tongue and her eyes were now closed. There was a look of bliss on her face as she took him back into her mouth that caused me to remove my face from between her legs and crawl around her so I was now kneeling next to her.
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   "Oh, don't worry about it, it's totally natural," Cassidy responded with a reassuring tone, continuing to walk slowly towards me. She was wearing a simple t-shirt herself and a tight pair of jeans. I finally noticed that her blue eyes seemed fixed on my cock, just before she said to me, "That might be the biggest dick I've ever seen in person. You mind if I touch it?""No, no, no," Cassidy responded, shaking her head emphatically to emphasize her point, her smooth red hair waiving back and forth. "I was raised that a deal is a deal. You make an agreement, or you have an obligation, you live up to it and fulfill your part. I said you could cum on my face and you were right, so I'll let you cum on my face.""I have some jerseys and an old sweatshirt that would be big enough for you," Cassidy parried. "You just know you're going to be wrong.""Cassidy!" I scolded her. "Personal space!" I was genuinely shocked by her intrusion.My cock swelled with desire, and I realized how great it was going to feel to cum on Cassidy. The naked chick with the bouncing boobs in my video was arousing, but the thought of Cassidy waiting in the next room for my cum was electrifying. What I wanted was Cassidy's wet lips wrapped tightly around my cock. What I wanted was to feel Cassidy's smooth breasts in my hands, and to wrap them around my manhood. What I wanted was to deliver my steaming load straight up Cassidy's wet, tight pussy.Anja sucked Kurt for several minutes. When she stopped and went back to Kent, Kurt did not appear any noticeably harder."I understand you could help me pay back your father a bit for being such a shit," he said out of the blue to John."You know what I like?" she asked as if I wasn't speaking.

BruceKam wrote Beatiful latinas pussy !!! on March 05, 2019, 12:35:56 PM
The runerod buzzed and pounded in and out of her, heedless of these thoughts, incessant, merciless. Ia had been painfully close to orgasm already; now it felt like Elly was only barely holding her at the brink. It was like going years with only water droplets and suddenly having a waterfall dropped onto your head. Ia was drowning.I moaned, softly, against the skin of her neck, and she hugged me even harder, as if I might escape at any moment, as if I had something more important to do, ha! Impossible. Never.Read More »"Let's just say that it's a very intriguing idea," Tom said, shaking his head. "But what could you say to her to make her the least bit interested in an idea like that?""No fucking way," I responded with a laugh."Yeah, true," she plowed onward hurriedly, "But it's worth a thousand points. That's huge, I mean really huge. Some things in a scavenger hunt are worth ten, some things tonight even are only worth fifty. And this one is a thousand, and it's totally doable, unlike some other things on the list where you either know how to find them or you're screwed... anyway, some of the other teams have couples on them, which is totally unfair. Some of them saw the list and rushed right off to the bar bathroom."
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   No one cared enough to save her."I think there's a good chance," he answered."Oh, fine," he replied."We...this is our first time here, Jenna. We're—""Uh-huh...Yeah...Oh, yes!" She continued to listen, but looked around at us.Quietly John got up from the sofa where he was sitting, rearranging his cock in his pants as he made his way over to the bar. He could clearly see Mr. Henderson's tongue as it slithered all over Kelly's pussy, diving into her, teasing her clit. He watched carefully as Mr. Henderson sucked on Kelly's pussy lips, pulling on them with his teeth, then doing the same to her protruding clit.Doug nodded, but continued to lick her clit. He sucked her button gently between his lips before releasing it with a loud smacking sound and getting off the bed. I saw his cock was still hard and dripping and I knew where it needed to be, but after I came as hard as my two partners already had. I drew my knees up under my stomach so my ass was in the air and began tracing my tongue in slow circles around Jenna's swollen button. She sighed contentedly and reaching down, placed her hand in my long black hair and began playing with it."That's it, cum for me," Cassidy whispered.

BruceKam wrote Nice negro BBW ! on March 05, 2019, 12:39:46 PM
"Oh, really!" Kelly exclaimed. "You really want to fuck me again?"John hurried home after school to meet his father so they could go play golf with his work buddy, Bob Adams. When they got to the course, John was surprised to see that Tom Henderson was also joining them.John fell asleep with a smile on his face, never even noticing that Kelly got up and returned to her own room."What the hell yourself?" I demanded as the door opened. "Don't you knock?!"She gave me another sly smile. "I figured you were or you would be dancing with him, not that pretty girl.""Not at first, but at the very last moment he told me to talk to you. Now I just have to find out when and where and see if he'll let me be there."
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   John certainly knew that there had to be a way to capitalize on the fact that his twin sister Kelly had lost her virginity and was regularly getting laid. Even though they were only 18 years of age, John had enough of his father in him to always try to find a way to capitalize on a situation. That's what comes from having a stockbroker for a father. The fact that he was totally in love with his sister and always had been, and that just made it a little harder to cope with. They had taken baths together when they were three to five years old and he could still remember how her pussy looked with no hair on it. He had constantly heard his father espousing the philosophy that business was business and friendship was friendship and you couldn't let the two get in the way of each other if they were both to succeed. And since his father had made millions of dollars in the market, John knew his father knew what he was talking about.My wife and I have been happily married for over fifteen years and have enjoyed a good sex life. We met each other in college and were and have been each other’s one and only lover. That all changed recently and that has resulted in to both of us delving into the swinging pool.She watched as we quickly complied with her demand. Satisfied, Jan withdrew. While I haphazardly tossed dishes into the soapy water, Kent fixed everyone's favorite beverage. We could hear the girls laughing and giggling beyond the door, over the sound of the water jets. In a low voice, I said to Kent, "So...what's going on?"Then she kissed me, hard, her tongue snaking into my mouth. Her hand found my semi hard erection and began pumping it. Anne broke our kiss and fell to her knees in the tub, and her lips enveloped my shaft voraciously. I've learned to read my wife's desires by the way she gives head. A sudden, aggressive rush to get her mouth around me means she wants me to fuck her as soon as I'm hard enough. My beautiful wife had no trouble bringing back an erection in me. She stood and turned away, leaning her forearms against the wall. My Sweetie bent forward at the hips, thrusting her cute little bottom at me. She looked seductively over her shoulder at me, and parted her legs slightly by placing one foot on the edge of the tub. Gladly, I stepped up behind her, guiding my tool towards her lovely slit, still glistening with Kent's come. In an instant, my cock plunged deep into her well-lubricated pussy. Anne cooed contentedly, and placed her cheek against the cool tile while I banged her rather forcefully. She was turned just enough that I could see one of her cute, hugely erect nipples peeking around her ribs. What an incredible sight she was to me, God, how I love this woman!She squealed as using both hands and gave her tiny pink nipples a pinch. I felt her back lifting off the bed and sucking her clit hard into my mouth started running my tongue across it while my fingers drove into her even harder. Jenna's thighs were trembling violently and she started thrusting her pussy into my tongue and hand as I coaxed her to cum for me again. It wasn't easy concentrating on what I was doing with Doug's big dick plunging into me, but I so wanted her to cum in my face.She took my hand again, pushing her lip out into a pout. "Please, Kim? One dance?""Enough, Kim," Doug said as he sped up and went around the slow-moving van in front of us. "It's too late now. We admitted what we're into, not that she didn't know anyway, and it's not like we don't want to, so"—he glanced over at me and placed his hand on my thigh, giving it a squeeze—"let's go have some fun.""Why, thank you! Honey, you just made my night." So far anyway. "Tell you what, I'm trying to hook up for, um"—I winked—"a different kind of fun, but hey, if it doesn't work out, I'll keep my eye out for you and maybe we can share a dance or two."

BruceKam wrote Nice negro BBW ? on March 05, 2019, 12:52:52 PM
I'd like to say that, after the blowjob and the shower, I dove right into exploiting my deal with Cassidy. That's not totally true. We did fool around A LOT. I haven't met any women who could match her sex drive, so she was always asking me to pleasure her. She especially loved me going down on her, and that became almost all we did. She asked me almost every other day, mostly at night though sometimes in the morning before work. I began to catch on to when she was having her period, because she would be less interested in sex just before and during her period. But immediately after she was done, she would almost attack me as soon as I got home, and would ride my mouth and my tongue to screaming orgasm. I got very good at figuring out how she especially enjoyed me just tickling lightly over her clit with my tongue while she came, and she got so loud that I'm sure the neighbors heard us at least once or twice."Yeah, of course." I said. Kent looked unconcerned."Okay," Karin said, leaving the door open and turning back to the kitchen."I would, thank you."Anne cut in, "No, but Lee tries to." She grinned at me, and I playfully pinched at her nipple.Elly leaned in very, very close. "I think the reason you aren't giving in," she cooed, “is that you like me doing this to you. But there's one thing you don't know..."
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   "Yes, it's true," John agreed.Buford took his time in replying, leaving Tiffany in suspense. He realized he could obtain better terms from her now that she had committed herself, making it difficult for her to back out now. He pondered what demands he should make. She was a dance major, so he knew how lithe she was. He thought about this, and then he knew what he wanted. The agreeable thoughts that came to his mind made him smile, much to Tiffany's relief.Doug did as I asked and the room was filled with the sound of not only his smacking lips as he devoured my aching clit, but the wet sucking sound of his fingers going in and out of my drenched pussy. I could feel my juices dripping down my thighs and began to moan into Jenna's pussy as my back arched and I felt my body teetering on the edge. Doug eased his other hand from the cheek of my ass and with no warning jammed a finger into my ass. I lifted my face from between Jenna's thighs and released a long loud howl of pleasure as I went off like a rocket."Sorry," I said, taking her hands in mine. "I couldn't resist."Despite having just cum, I could feel her thighs already starting to tremble and raising her legs, she gave me a thrill by placing her soft feet on my back. I began swirling my tongue faster around her clit, then stopped and gasped as Doug added a third finger inside me and gave my clit a playful nip with his teeth."How?" I put my hands up.I entered the bathroom and a fresh case of nerves assailed me. Through a stroke of luck, a quick glance told me that there was no one in the stalls and that my hopefully soon-to- be newfound friend was at the long counter fixing her hair in front of the mirror. There was one other girl there as well, but she was leaning against the wall speaking quietly into a phone and staring down at the floor, her long blonde hair hanging over her face and concealing her features. Taking a deep breath, I walked over to the counter. Standing next to the redhead, I put my purse down and removed my lipstick."Then I should start learning now so that I'll be plenty good when the time comes," John stated. "If you don't mind, of course, I figure in a year I'll be beating you if I try hard enough."

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"What's that all about?" She gestured at the other two."God, I love this place," Kelly said, flopping down on the ground on her back, her arms flung wide.He pointed to the mirror and I saw Jenna turn her head slightly. I gave her a wink and then moaned as seeing me she slowly eased Doug's cock from her mouth, "How do I look sucking your husband's cock?"Anne cried out, "Oh...God!" and collapsed forward onto Anja."No, I guess not," John agreed, staring at her.I looked over at Doug and saw his eyes locked onto her legs. I had to clear my throat to get him to look up. "Jenna wants to dance, Doug, but can you please tell her we have to leave?"
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   "Oh, I could fuck all night," Kelly said, grinding her pussy onto the bicycle seat. "Especially for you and for $1,000.00" "Yeah, we really do have $1,000.00, don't we," John marveled."So," I began, my heart racing, "Do you like guys, too?""Don't forget, I want you to cum in my mouth," Kelly panted, her arms extended to absorb the shock as John continued to pound his cock into her.She looked over at me, and I told her, "Roll over on your knees for me!"That week, Cassidy asked me to go down on her a couple of times. I got a blowjob on Thursday night in return. At first she seemed surprised that I didn't ask for sex immediately, but she quickly caught on that I was saving those opportunities.With a big smile, Jenna looked at him and said, "The night? I did say my parents weren't going to be home until Tuesday, didn't I?"Abruptly, the runerod pulled out, still dripping with her juices.John's cock continued to spasm, shooting glob after glob of hot cum into his sister's pussy as he rammed himself back and forth inside of her. As he almost finished cumming, Kelly pulled away, dislodging his cock from her pussy.

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A couple of weeks after that warning, I walked out of my room getting ready for work on a Wednesday morning to find Cassidy passed out on the couch. She was wearing a green string bikini that showed off the large, round swell of her breasts, and a string bikini bottom that hid very little of her shapely bottom and smooth legs. The green also nicely complimented her deeply red hair and fair skin. I couldn't figure out where she had gone on an early September night that required her to wear a swimsuit, or how she had gotten drunk enough to pass out on the couch on a Tuesday night. But I knew I was treading deeper and deeper into troubling waters when I realized with a start that I had been staring at the cleft between Cassidy's beautifully big breasts for several minutes. I was infatuated enough to spend minutes admiring Cassidy's body while she slept. Worse, by the time I got to work my erection still hadn't fully subsided after seeing Cassidy yet again with most of her hot young body on display.Surprised by her outburst, Buford and Tiffany stared at each other, wide-eyed. Tiffany laughed, a little embarrassed. "Well, am I right?""I'd pay to be fucked by a cock like that," Kelly said, shaking her head wistfully.This time, I didn't try to catch myself. I fell backwards awkwardly into a sitting position on the floor, with my eyes closed, while the after effects of my orgasm radiated through me. When I opened my eyes a short time later, Cassidy was standing over me with a big smile, her cupped hands full of my dripping cum.ShareShe knew that the orgasm was going to come alone and was very close. She feared that if she stopped, the electricity within her would disappear, so she continued, pushing her fingers in again and again, stroking her clit with her thumb. She opened her eyes for a second to look at the balcony and was disconcerted to see it completely empty. But that didn’t stop Ruth; she didn’t need them to feed the spark electrifying her entire body. She could feel molten sweat erupting from every pore, pricking with the wind that suddenly eased in through the window over her skin and her soaking fingers. She was about to, had just about come to orgasm…
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   Anne cut in excitedly. "We go there, too. Ed's the "Guy with the Dog Tags", and I'm "the Girl with the Tan Lines!"Kent turned to look at Anja licking his wife's pussy. He stared, unblinking for a moment. He glanced at his wife, who still had her eyes closed, blissfully enjoying herself. Kent moved off my wife, and nudged her to take a look. Anne lifted her head. She was surprised at first, but then smiled at both Kent and I."We'd better get home for dinner," John said, "or they'll be wondering where we are."I didn't try to hold onto her. As my arms slid from her shoulders, she pointed at me. "So...So you want me to come home with both of you?" She looked back at Doug, and then asked, "You want me to let him watch?""So you do like me then?" she asked, laughing as she got to her feet. "You made me cum like crazy too," she said, letting one hand drop between her legs and come back up all glistening with her juices. "It was running down my legs," she said, softly sucking on her fingers as John watched with an open mouth. "But I taste even better than you do," she said, smiling at him. "Maybe you'll find out some day," she said."This is your warning," John gasped."Cassidy, give me a handjob," I replied firmly as her fingers milked my shaft."Like a goddamn buffet, isn't it?" Doug asked, pressing a fresh C&C into my hand.

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Leave a Reply"Sometimes, we go for a few hours, off and on. It not always sex all night long. They're friends, too. Just like you two are." I explained.Anja looked up and smiled, then at my cock waving in front of her face. Without a word, she leaned forward and swallowed me to the balls. Her arm swept around my buttocks as she noisily sucked on my cock. Anne led Kent over by the arm. As soon as he was within reach, Anja's other arm went about his waist, roughly jerking him next to me. Anja alternated between our two cocks like a hungry animal. She was rougher than either Anne or Janet, but still it felt terrific. Guessing she was turned on by a little forcefulness, I grabbed a handful of her hair in my fist, pulling slightly. This triggered the most frenzied fellatio I've ever experienced. It startled me greatly, but I came in her mouth almost immediately. Anja slowed, then stopped, and serenely drank my come. The flow down her throat seemed to have a calming effect. She looked up at me, milking one last drop onto her distended tongue. The whole time she never released her grip on Kent. Obviously he was to be devoured next."Jesus, Kelly," John exclaimed, staring at her. "What kind of a question is that?""Kent comes a lot when he's really horny." Janet explained while doing her make-up. She pulled back the curtain a little and looked at Anne, "He's been really horny since last night. Woke me up twice for sex after we went to bed." Anne tugged the curtain shut on us. I started the water for her, standing out of the spray to let her rinse. Normally, Anne isn't much of a 'morning sex' person, but she seemed far more excited than usual this morning.I opened my eyes at the absence of her lips, but soon I felt them cradling the sensitive spot where my jaw and neck joined.
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   "Jesus!" Tom exclaimed, all his breath leaving his body. "What an outrageous idea. What makes you even think you could get her to agree to do this anyway?"What did shock him was when Kelly leaned over and licked her seat, slurping at the juices that coated it."Jenna, I really shouldn't. What would your mother—"Abruptly, the runerod pulled out, still dripping with her juices.Cassidy came right up beside me so her shoulder was touching mine, looked back quickly over her shoulder to make sure the guys weren't close enough to hear, and whispered, "I owe you two drinks, or the other thing?""Really? us too! Wow, small world."We reached the cabin, stamping the snow off our feet as Kent opened the door. We piled our gear just inside. "Who needs a drink?" Kent asked. "Something warm for me." My wife answered. Kent grabbed her; playfully molesting her "I got something warm for ya, Baby." He's an incorrigible flirt, and Anne always played right along with him. She hiked one of her long, lovely legs around his waist, and ground her pussy through her jeans against his hip. "Get a room, you two", was Janet's only comment as she headed to the kitchen area. She had mentioned fixing us a light meal upon our return. Anne disengaged from Kent to go help, and he followed to make good on the drinks. "I'll get the fire going while you do that." I announced."Keep sucking, please!" Doug called out.

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"Hee. I know I did." Elly pulled back and stared deep into Ia's wide, teary eyes. The paintbrush slowly circled over one breast as the moth fairy atop it happily rose up and down on Ia's nipple. Ia trembled, knowing the final blow was coming, utterly helpless to stop herself. "You promised," she purred, "to be a bastion of purity.""I understand," Tom said. "Still, I'd like to hear what you're thinking. Maybe there's something to it that we can sort of work out.""It's not too late though!" she cooed. "You just need to not swallow!"He pulled on his new boots and paced up and down the room a few times. They felt good and comfortable. He nodded his approval. "So, what's your question?"
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   "Does his feel the same as Lee's?" Chris asked her. Kent was beaming. He's very proud of his equipment.Cassidy slowly stood and carefully began to wipe the cum off of her face and chest with the aid of some soap and shower water. I tried to help her wash some of the cum off of her chest, then realized that my hands were also pawing at her round, firm titsWait?An Erotic Story of Desire & AnticipationWait?An Erotic Story of Desire & Anticipation"Okay, what is it?" I asked.

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"Well, why don't you take off your shirt to start with," he suggested.She laughed nervously. "Wow. You don't play around, but uh...sure." She laughed again, and I licked my lips at the thought of that sweet pussy in my mouth."Stop, stop it!" She cried. "No more!"Shocked by Kelly's brazenness, John lifted Kelly's skirt to find that she had no panties on and that her naked ass and pussy were pointing right at him. He could see a drop of moisture dripping from the end of Kelly's engorged clit as it stuck out from between her pussy lips and he knew that she was really excited."I'm sorry I didn't dress up for you." She said.Then a question occurred to me: the precise arrangement. "How did you come up with all these rules? Have you done this before?"
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   A bimbo who had been a good girl. And that was all she needed to be."I wondered about that. I thought you were just happy to see me." Kent chuckled.Janet sighed, "OK." She flipped her towel loose and rolled her eyes. She looked rather sexy with the towel at her feet."I don't really have any plans," John said, inwardly pleased to hear what his sister had said, and also happy to see what she was wearing. "Maybe I'll go down to the river for a while."Ia's eyes widened. She trembled uncontrollably. "Elly," she whined, "please, please no. I'll be yours! I'll fuck you, I'll lick you, but please, don't—"FUN AND GAMES AT 18 AND FUCKING FOR FUN CAROL MCNAIR NE? DOUGLAS JONESJohn rolled over on top of his sister, her hand guiding his cock to her pussy. With a single thrust he buried himself deep inside of her, his peter sliding into her pussy. Kelly wrapped her feet around his back and lifted herself to meet his thrusts, feeling him fill her like nobody had ever yet done. John lowered his face to her tits, sucking on her hard nipples, chewing on them with his teeth. Kelly moaned and moaned, never stopping her thrusts up to meet his cock as it filled her entire being."Look Honey, a nipple ring!" she announced to everyone.

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----------"Do you know what mead is?" she asked him, smiling. He kept his mouth determinedly shut. "Mead means pleasure, boy. Mead means pleasure for silly humans who don't know how good it feels to belong to us. Silly humans, silly catgirls, silly elves and mothboys and mothgirls... and don't you feel nice right now?""Jenna, I have to say I don't like how you're speaking to me.""Maybe John can help," Kelly said, trying to bring her knees up and stay on the stool at the same time. Then she spread her arms out to the edge of the bar, steadying herself.Ytheri didn't light many lamps, and Okino was having some trouble finding his way in the darkness. He nearly tripped over the spice racks twice, in fact. So it was to his relief that he spotted a warm glow coming from up ahead.He whined and giggled as the redhead tickled beneath his arm.
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   Tiffany groaned. Buford really did like to drive a hard bargain. Still, his requests sounded eminently reasonable, and Tiffany could not think of a good reason to turn them down. She nodded her assent.No, it certainly wasn't going anywhere, thought Tiffany, not after Buford's sleight of hand had made at least a good three feet of that stiff rubber hose disappear somehow into her backside. Tiffany knew from experience that, no matter how much she squirmed, it would remain cozily ensconced there, snug in its burrow. She would have to provide shelter for the stern intruder lurking in her backside until Buford decided to coax it out of hiding, but until then it wasn't going anywhere any more than she was going anywhere in that condition. The hard rubber sealed her back door tightly shut while at the same time holding it achingly wide open, open enough for Buford to feed her her largely liquid diet by means of the dark tunnel that ran the length of the hose; but for the time being the feeding, and Tiffany, would just have to wait: Buford had found better things to do."Cum on your face?" I asked.I hummed as I held onto Cassidy's clit with my lips, rubbing gently and insistently, coaxing the orgasm out of her while her pale, smooth thighs shook around my head and brushed against my ear.The next morning I started my day with a shower. As I was washing away the sweat from the night before, I was completely distracted by thoughts of the amazing blowjob I had received. The blowjob was so good, I was still not completely sure that it hadn't been a dream. Any lingering doubts were washed away with the sweat when I was startled by the shower door opening.CHAPTER 1"Open wide," she cooed. "Be a good boy!""I'm fine, how are you?"

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He did want to cum, though. But his kittens wouldn't let him, and he didn't want to fight. He didn't want to fight. So he continued to obediently edge, squirming beneath their feathers, as helpless as though he were trussed and bound.Ia bit her lip hard. Yes, her needy pussy sang, yes, yes, gods, yes!"We've got to be careful about mom and dad though," John reminded her."You're going to pay me to..." She suddenly scowled. "What do you think this is a sleazy porno? You guys run one of those hidden camera sites or something? I live at home and don't need any money. Even if I did, I'm not a whore!" She turned and stormed off. This time, I was smart enough to let her go.Next"We'll see," she said as she stood to leave my bathroom.
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   Bases Loaded: Excerpt from an Anthology of Erotic StoriesBases Loaded: Excerpt from an Anthology of Erotic StoriesThe runerod buzzed and pounded in and out of her, heedless of these thoughts, incessant, merciless. Ia had been painfully close to orgasm already; now it felt like Elly was only barely holding her at the brink. It was like going years with only water droplets and suddenly having a waterfall dropped onto your head. Ia was drowning."You're still the Outtie for my Innie." She purred.I could feel her hot breath on my neck and became aware of her breasts touching mine as she leaned in close. As if they had a will of their own, my nipples stiffened despite the awkwardness of the situation. A sense of relief flowed through me when she eased away from me. That relief was short-lived as she leaned against the bar and continued to stare at me with that mocking smile.I had never thought that two people could synchronize to reach orgasm at the same time, but just then, as I reeled from the intensity of her mouth on against my neck, everything I thought I knew disappeared in a drunken fog. Her moans in my ear felt like a roar; her teeth caught my skin and her fingers came in and out without a second. It was then that I heard her hoarse cry and increased the pace of my movements, causing her to do so too.Kent wavered a moment, then obediently staggered over to the fireplace, his erection bobbing in front of him.The feather was moving closer and closer to its target. Brist's eyes widened. "Mmmf!"Check Also

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