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November 01, 2017, 06:36:41 AM
News: 2017-10-10 Heatledger 2.0 with Heatwallet 2.2.0 released! NOTE: Balance leasing and hard fork at block 777777
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Author Topic: Server 0.9.1 released - HARD FORK  (Read 262 times)

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Follow Eliphaz wrote Server 0.9.1 released - HARD FORK on January 28, 2017, 08:51:44 PM
Mandatory update

Heatledger 0.9.1

This is a mandatory update, nodes on 0.9.0 will be blacklisted.

Please update your versions to this new release.

During the start phase of heat you can expect a couple more of these mandatory
updates while we roll-out new functionality.

Couple of bug fixes in this release.

* heat.enableAPIServer=false was ignored, now the api server will not be
  enabled when you set this property to false
* fixed some strange behavior where the memory mapped hash map for the
  `whitelist-markets` was mapped against the file for the not yet enabled
  `whitelist-accounts`. account whitelisting will be enabled soon which
  allows an asset issuer to control which accounts are allowed to trade
  and receive privately issued assets.
* to ensure proper workings, at least during these first few versions we have
  made it the default that at startup the blockchain is scanned and validated
  by setting the configuration settings heat.forceValidate=true and
  heat.forceScan=true. a scan takes almost no time and guarantees all your
  blocks are in good shape when started. in case you have enabled the
  replication databases expect them to be cleared at the start of the
  scan an re-built. only the tables in the database that are managed by
  heat will be rebuilt if you are using the database for other purposes
  your own tables will be left alone.
* fixed a bug in the api, now it returns the real coinsupply
* fixed a bug where the blockchain could not be scanned successfully due to a test
  transaction we've sent at height 100.

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