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March 17, 2017, 12:59:07 AM
News: 2017-02-08: New HEAT wallet is out! Download client + server from Github

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Testnet only server release:

Please use the HEAT testnet to test trading, forging and asset related operations. The same data as your livenet account works, however if you need any test HEAT tokens just ping us with your testnet HEAT account number and we'll send some. You can access testnet on  -> top right menu -> About HEAT -> Go to test net. Making trades, cancelling orders etc. and reporting any bugs is of significant benefit to test network functionality, however it's even more useful for debugging to run your own testnet server from fresh testnet release from and do some forging and trading through your own testnet server node. You can use the downloadable heatwallet with your own testnet node by replacing the "heatledger" server installation with that of the github testnet zip package. We'll pay modest rewards for bugs reported (write up your reports so you'll be able to claim rewards later).

Thanks for any assistance in getting the live HEAT Decentralized Asset Exchange into working condition sooner with the community's help!
HEAT Server issues / Server update 0.9.21
« Last post by Eliphaz on March 10, 2017, 10:05:47 PM »

Small bugfix release to resolve initial blockchain download issues
HEAT Wallet discussion / Heatwallet 1.0.13 and server 0.9.18
« Last post by verymuchso on March 07, 2017, 09:40:05 PM »
Server release

Desktop release

Mandatory update will do a hard fork at 105,000.

This release fixes several bugs and disables miner rewards at the fork height.

In order to provide a better download experience when downloading the blockchain you will only
download from the default wellknown peers, this way preventing you from ending on a fork again.
Once the chain is downloaded in full you will connect to all peers on the network.

A bug was fixed where unconfirmed bid order cancellations where not properly persisted to the data
storage, causing both the virtual balance to be wrong and allowing a secondary order cancellation
which would later not make it into a block but will mess with the replicator database model.
The client now properly shows if an order is cancelled even if the cancellation is still unconfirmed,
unconfirmed order cancellations are now shown with strike trough text until the next block fully
removes them.
General / Other Cryptocurrency Discussion / Re: HEAT Crypto Roundup
« Last post by Eliphaz on March 07, 2017, 09:30:29 AM »
Here's another one
HEAT Server issues / Server 0.9.17 released
« Last post by Eliphaz on March 06, 2017, 09:21:09 AM »
Heatledger 0.9.17

This is a mandatory update to get past block 97030 for fresh blockchain downloads.

Fixes a bug where two order cancellations for the same order were not properly handled.
The cancellation transaction was validated before the block was generated and both where
considered valid, but when the block was broadcasted to other nodes it was not accepted
since the first cancellation removed the order.
Jobs / rewards / Re: HEAT Symbol / Logo contest! [BOUNTY 1 BTC]
« Last post by Eliphaz on March 06, 2017, 12:37:28 AM »
Heat network stability is still being worked on daily, and the token isn't yet on track. That's the reason side issues such as the forum tipping mod and related promised gimmick for logo contest participants hasn't been progressing. Patience is a virtue, and a lot of patience is better than little  :o
Jobs / rewards / Re: HEAT Symbol / Logo contest! [BOUNTY 1 BTC]
« Last post by fokiupaymi on March 04, 2017, 01:34:19 AM »
hey guys, any update about the bounty ?
HEAT Wallet discussion / Heatwallet 1.0.12 and server 0.9.16
« Last post by verymuchso on March 02, 2017, 09:08:43 PM »
Heatledger 0.9.16 & Heatwallet 1.0.12

Mandatory update, this release will blacklist nodes that are on a version below heatldeger 0.9.15.

Unconfirmed transactions in 0.9.15 and before (up to 0.9.14) where not removed properly when a block
was generated. This release will properly remove these transactions.

A bug some places referred to as the 50% bug was caused by this.
Please update your nodes, especially if you are mining blocks. It will take some time for all 50% bug transactions
to timeout before those are not seen anymore.

We have seen that sometimes (probably due to network state) your blockchain download halts, we've
found that if this is the case simply stopping and restarting will downloading the full chain.
We'll be fixing this issue for the next release.


HEAT Wallet discussion / Heatwallet 1.0.11 and server 0.9.15
« Last post by verymuchso on March 01, 2017, 01:20:08 PM »
Desktop release

Server release

Contains heatledger 0.9.15. This is a mandatory update. Nodes below 0.9.14 will be blacklisted.

We especially ask medium to large stake holders to switch to this version preferably also
downloading the chain from the network.

Heatledger server 0.9.15 will do a hard fork at block 87,000. The fork at 87,000 will change the way
block generators validate order cancellations, the previous way that was done, in some cases,
was a cause for forks.

We've also changed the way public keys for accounts are stored and versioned, this was the other
reason forks used to happen.

With these two fixes combined we hope to have concluded the final solution for our forking issues.

Given the expected stability of this version we also already have hard coded block height 100,000
at which forging rewards will start again.

Work planned for these coming days might cause us to release another version before that but that
will most likely be an optional release which only involves the replicator database parts. So installing
this version should be enough to be able to start collecting block rewards again at block 100,000 which
will be seen in about 5 days from now.

The windows installer was switched to NSIS installer platform, it is highly advised that you uninstall
any previous heat windows desktop software before installing this version.
General HEAT Discussion / Re: Issue claiming ICO tokens
« Last post by numeris on February 28, 2017, 04:18:38 PM »
Hi All, having a similar issue here, I have send some BTC during the ICO, can't seem to figure out how to receive HEAT tokens. Wrote to support, but no reply. Any tips would be most appreciated! :-)
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